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  1. So when people are benchmarking hardware on youtube they use some program that displays clockspeeds, utilizations, temperatures etc. up in the upper left corner of the screen. What is that? Or what's a good one of those?
  2. I'm getting a new 500gb m.2 NVMe SSD for a new build to replace my aging 250gb SATA 2.5'' SSD. I've gotten all of the stuff I want off the 2.5'' SSD and I want to clear the drive so it's like new basically since I'm going to reinstall windows from a USB onto the NVMe drive. How do I remove all data from a 2.5'' SSD?
  3. Question is in the title. I've got a hand-me-downed i5 9600k that I want to over clock to 4.6-4.8 GHz and pair with a RTX 2060. Unless I'm mistaken a 650W PSU should be plenty to power this setup and all my desktop peripherals. I just need help deciding on a specific model. I see there's a PSU tier list pinned in this forum, but it looks like most of the products in there are either out of stock or are ridiculously marked up in cost. This one looks popular in terms of recent reviews and it's really cheap. Not a brand I recognize. https://www.amazon.com/ARESGAME-Power-Supply-Bronze-Certified/dp/B08CXXM5QC/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=ARESGAME&qid=1602435853&sr=8-3 This corsair one is a recognizable brand name and it's not too much more expensive. https://www.amazon.com/CORSAIR-CV650-650-Power-Supply-CP-9020211-NA/dp/B0838YDBP3/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3TDWLLMA7IQ14&dchild=1&keywords=650w+power+supply&qid=1602435444&sprefix=650w%2Caps%2C147&sr=8-4 EVGA is a brand I've had a PSU from before and most if-not-all of the stuff I've gotten from EVGA has been really good quality. It's more expensive than the other ones I was looking at though. https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-Modular-Warranty-Compact-220-B5-0650-V1/dp/B084R9M19S/ref=sr_1_6?crid=3TDWLLMA7IQ14&dchild=1&keywords=650w+power+supply&qid=1602435444&sprefix=650w%2Caps%2C147&sr=8-6 What would you reccomend?
  4. But how would I configure the lighting effects? Doesn't that require a motherboard with some sort of RGB syncing software in its bios or w/e?
  5. I'm not used to contemplating RGB builds, but I wanted to know if there's a way to configure lighting on RGB memory on a motherboard that doesn't feature any sort of RGB from what I can tell.
  6. One of the satisfying things about my setup is knowing that I play against people using GPUs that cost more than my entire system only for them to get dumpstered by me here gaming on an APU.
  7. I'm planning a build that will utilize an ITX board. Most ITX boards seem to stick their M.2 slots on the back of the board where there is little airflow and little-no clearance for heatsinks. What kind of M.2 drives get less hot? What determines how hot they get? Is it SATA vs NVMe? Because I don't need NVMe since I've always found SATA SSDs plenty fast for day to day desktop and gaming. Do capacity or cache size or whatever make a difference to heat output?
  8. My PSU only has a 4-pin CPU connector. I want a way to add another 4 pins so I can use a motherboard that takes 8 pins.
  9. Maybe something like this? I didn't realize you just just turn a 4-pin output to an 8-pin one. Sounds too good to be true... https://www.amazon.com/TeamProfitcom-Motherboard-Converter-Adapter-Extension/dp/B0817T3L4C/ref=sr_1_5?crid=1X9KWVPBMI3EY&dchild=1&keywords=4+pin+to+8+pin+cpu+power+adapter&qid=1599397314&s=electronics&sprefix=4+pin+to+%2Celectronics%2C154&sr=1-5#customerReviews
  10. I've got a working PSU from a Dell 1st gen ryzen gaming PC, I want to reuse it because it's not very old. It's ~450W output which is more than enough for me because I want to build a 3600-3700x system with an entry level ampere card when they come out (so like GTX 1650-1660) I'd rather not have to buy a whole new PSU if I don't have to. Is there a converter to turn SATA connectors or VGA power connectors into an extra 4-pin CPU?
  11. Oh so it's just for like old stuff? I don't think I've seen a MB with baked on GPU in years.
  12. The thing with the + cutout in it. I have no idea what that's for. I'm working with a case I'm using for an APU build so the only video output I'm going to need are on the motherboard IO.