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  1. In what way is your suggested motherboard better than an MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus (which ive seen at 160 euros)? EDIT: nvm i just found your suggestion for 180 which isnt much more
  2. goddDAMN these r more people than i expected x). I wanna thank all of u guys first of all, and yeah ive gone through all your replies and in conclusion First of all: Jesus christ i know less than i thought I knew Second of all: Zen 3 is a really good point, i might wait for some more news on that before buying anything at all Depending on whether or not i manage to sell my old pc components, i might be able to get a cpu and an rtx 2070s (im not quite rich enough for 2080 yet) so thats a possibility. When it comes to intel/amd im still very split, on the one hand intel is (allegedly) easier to install and better rounded off, has better performance for games, but the 3700x has more multitasking ability and supports PCIE 4.0 (which may be something important in the future, i presume) 10600(k) +4.1 ghz + Low cost -6 Cores 10700(k) +Octa-core =3.8 ghz -High Cost 7 3700x +Octa-core +x570 =Medium cost -3.4 ghz Did I forget anything? And if not, are 6 Cores really futureproof too?
  3. I really appreciate all the replies guys, didnt expect this. I see a lot of people going yeah intel is better for gaming and has less quirks, but will it be better in gaming + some 3-5 other background tasks running almost constantly? This may be a really dumb question i dunno, just wanted to clarify yeah ill "only" be using the pc for gaming but for me thats not just running games, but running games with like 4 other applications up and running Ty a lot for your help guys!
  4. I am in fact upgrading. Going for a motherboard, cpu, and a cpu fan obviously. My budget is alright, id rather not spend over 550 euro vor all three, and since ive kinda got my heart set on the Noctua NHU12S, that would mean i have some 490-500 euros for the cpu and motherboard combined
  5. Basically the title. Im personally for the AMD alternative, much better value, fairly similair performance etc. But after having taken a look at graphs like these... i dunno... Id be using it to game primarily, but usually id have a youtube video or spotify or discord or everything at once running on my second and third monitor. Goal is to get 144fps or higher in most competetive games like everything from Valorant to Rainbow Six, while also running discord and chrome bla bla bla. Is the chart representative of how it really is? If so, do you guys think the few fps are worth it? Do you guys have any negative or positive experience with either? I expect to be bombarded with "GO AMD WE R IN 2020" answers, but id rather ask a dumb question than buy a wrong cpu