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  1. I just refurbished an old pc and I’m trying to sell it. Where are good places for me to try and sell it . Or where can I find people that are interested in buying a cheaper gaming pc
  2. i was hoping to get 300 and i thought that was a lot
  3. i wanna sell my old cyber power pc, its got and msi rx 480 an amd fx 8350 coolmaster cpu cooler m9a57 mobo two phanteks case fans 8 gb ddr3 ram and a brand new 500 watt power supply how much do you think i could sell it for?
  4. now ignoring price which one is borderline faster
  5. im not sure which is better overall a xfx thic III 5700 xt or a 2070-super Fe specifically which would be better for fps games like overwatch and valorant
  6. thank you i just built a pc with a 3700x and and a rx5700 but i dint wanna use it to travel
  7. so i would be fine with my rx 480 at this point
  8. what is the best gpu for my fx 8350 Im reusing old hardware and want to get the best performance out of my processor
  9. I want to use my dell dimension 2400 to build a sleeper pc and I don’t know if the motherboard mounts are the same as The mounts on a micro atx board. Does anyone know?
  10. I’m planning on building a gaming rig , I want to play games like valorant overwatch and cod on 1080p at 144hz is a 5700xt good enough to get me there