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  1. Hi everyone, recently finished my first PC build. Was playing some GTA today, turned VSync off to check what FPS I was getting and after a few seconds, my VRAM clock droppped from 7000 MHz to either 100 or 400 MHz (I didn't get a good look at it), causing my FPS to drop to sub 10 (from about 100) for about 10 seconds. The 7001 MHz dropped, and one of the GPU usage figures shows 0%: This is what shows in MSI Afterburner if it helps (I have not overclocked anything): Specs: R5 3600 GTX 1660 Super 16GB 3200MHz RAM I have been running with VSync on and it has been perfectly smooth. Any idea what that 0% usage figure represents? Is this normal or something I should worry about? Any help appreciated!
  2. Thanks mate. Not experiencing any obvious problems. I get some FPS drops from 60 to 30 in Sea of Thieves, but I guess this is normal during intense scenes. Nothing in Control Panel. Do you recommend doing the DDU rn or should I be fine? Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi, I recently finished my first PC build and was installing the latest drivers. Ryzen 5 3600 GTX 1660 Super 16GB 3200 MHz RAM When I got to the Chipset driver, the mobo company had it incorrectly linked so instead of installing the chipset drivers I was installing Radeon GPU drivers. It didn't click with me at the time that these were the GPU drivers and not the chipset ones, since the mobo company themselves had linked it. Obviously, since I'm running an nvidia GPU, the installation kept failing and I kept trying. It constantly said it had partially installed the Radeon software everytime it tried, always running into an error (obviously it would). After I finally realised what I had been doing, I uninstalled the Radeon software (I think): And then I installed the correct chipset driver from the AMD website. What I want to know is could this have done any harm to my PC, even though I'm running nvidia GPU drivers. Sorry if I seem paranoid but I would rather solve the problem now than later. Any help appreciated!
  4. Great, thanks. Had a look with HWMonitor, 1 thread is maxed out rather than 1 core. Is it normal for this thread to change though? As you can see the max load has been on 4 of the threads and keeps switching.
  5. CPU is at 10%, is this because the load is only on one core?
  6. Hi, recently finished my first PC build Ryzen 5 3600 GTX 1660 Super 16 GB 3200Mhz RAM I'm running Minecraft with VSync Off and no FPS cap, and am running between 300-400 FPS, but my GPU is not at 100% utilisation. I have checked using MSI Afterburner and Task Manager. Can anyone help as to why this isn't running at 100%, as it shouldn't be a CPU bottleneck?
  7. I have a 3600 with the standard Wraith Cooler. I constantly hear its buzzing noise, but I'm not sure if that means something is wrong or its just because the rest of my system is pretty much silent. Is this type of buzzing ambient noise normal? Would a recording of the sound help?
  8. So, I have got back to my PC and my FPS now seems very similar to YT videos so I am a lot less worried now, even though I have only tested in Dauntless. However, I am convinced something is wrong with my MSI / Riva. Setting the toggle in MSI Afterburner just doesn't work in game (I set it to ALT + \). However, the overlay shows up automatically in game anyway, but it only displays some elements: GPU Temp / Usage CPU Temp / Usage Current FPS Even though I have also selected Average FPS, Min FPS, etc... they do not show up I guess it doesn't really matter as I can just look at the FPS in real time.
  9. I wont get back to my PC until the end of the week. Will update here.
  10. Don't worry about it. Honestly, I can't remember if I used your link or not, but I have a feeling I didn't. Just in case though, is there any way for me to check if I have the mobile drivers installed?
  11. Wow thanks for the help! Will set this when I get back to my PC and will update!
  12. No, but the overlay still appears, just not all of the info ive checked
  13. Thats the thing... I have checked loads of assets e.g. min fps, avg fps and ticked the 'Show in OSD' box and it shows up as 'in OSD' but they don't appear. May try reinstalling
  14. Under load At idle CPU is 40-45C. Never really checked GPU at idle Yes definitely inserted in A2 and B2 slots. Will check CPU-Z when I get pack to the PC.