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  1. I figured it out. It was a program called cFosSpeed malfunctioning or something. Uninstalled it, now I good as new.
  2. Using both Chrome and Firefox, I get ER_CONNECTION_CLOSED and PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR respectively, with the occasional PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR on Firefox. Games will also not connect to their servers. I have changed the DNS on both the gateway and my PC to Google's with no effect. Everything works fine when my VPN is on and on the neighbors' network. Issue is over wifi and ethernet. I have no antivirus or firewall besides Windows Defender. I also changed the coax cable if that means anything. Every other device on the network runs better than ever. Appreciate any help resolving this issue. Using Windows 10. EDIT: I booted into Linux (Manjaro) and the internet works fine there, if that helps.