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  1. So my brother just gited me this old HP Z800 Server PC. It's pack with: - Dual Xeon x5570 (Base: 2.9 GHz, Turbo 3.3 GHz) - GTX960 - 24 GB of RAMs DDR3 - 850Watt PSU I want to test it by changing the graphic card only with RTX2060. I look it up at Bottleneck Calculator and it says 100%-ish bottleneck. However it's only if the system only have 1 CPU X5570. What about 2 CPU? Will it be better or just a slight improvement? Or nothin at all? P.S. I'm new in LTT Forum, new to this PC stuff (I just watch tons of LTT, JazyZ, Paul, Kyle videos to know about PCs), and English is nor my first language. So please pardon for any mistakes