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  1. Just Posting this for everyone's reference: - Will still use my ISP's wireless router/modem combo (instead of getting a new one) - Decided on getting an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X --> Will configure rules as detailed in my first post --> I will configure DHCP static MAPs for my trusted network devices (instead of static IP-ing them to easier manage them) which also includes the smartphone --> Will create NATs/port forwards for specific items in my trusted network that requires access from the wireless network (behind the ISP) --> Will create a rule that will lock down access for my phone to the trusted network port forwards Costs (less than 100$): Edge Router X - 85$ (more expensive here) Cabling - 14$ Again thanks to Electronics Wizardry for all the help!
  2. Will look around Mikrotik's catalog to see what can do the job For the VLANning.... Will definitely do that in the new house where the cables are laid out strategically. In the place where I am going to install this, the room layouts would better benefit having a switch than multiple longer cable runs. Thanks for all your help Electric Wizard Rabbit that shoots lasers. Stay safe.
  3. how careless of me to not include the usage... I would never Imagine a load on the device to hit 100Mbps concurrently since majority of the heavy traffic is in between that trust switch. No VPNs, No IPS just regular traffic passing through. Just need those inter-port ACLs to lock access down. Trying to look through my options both on the Mikrotik and EdgeRouter side. Would you have any recommendations?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I am just really going cheap on this particular network. I can deal with the wireless thing later. Is there a specific device that you can start me out in the Mikrotik realm? Never worked with this brand before.
  5. I usually deal with SMB to Enterprise grade routers/switches/firewalls and wanted something for my home that is consumer price friendly. I am looking for a wireless router that can do the following - Access control (either these two ways): --> Inter-Port level communication blocking --> Port subnetting (then firewall-ing) - All wireless clients will be guest except one which can communicate to a trust network - Something that is new and consumer grade (hopefully not more than 250$) Here is my intended communication paths: ISP Modem (Internet) <- Wireless Router LAN1 <- Trust Switch (Laptops, Desktop, NAS, etc.) ISP Modem (Internet) <- Wireless Router LAN2 <- Untrust Switch (Console, Off-Brand Smart TV) ISP Modem (Internet) <- Wireless Router LAN3 <- Untrust Device (1) ISP Modem (Internet) <- Wireless Router LAN4 <- Untrust Device (2) ISP Modem (Internet) <- Wireless Router Wireless1 <- Trusted Smartphone ISP Modem (Internet) <- Wireless Router WirelessGuest <- All other Smartphones Trusted Switch <-> Wireless Router <-> Trusted Smartphone Is there such a product in the "affordable" space? Expected concurrent throughput is 100Mbps max. Worst case scenario my priority is mainly securing the Wired connections and the wireless thing can be an after thought. Thanks!
  6. Think of packet loss as when an extremely brief power surge/outage happens. Suddenly everything is alright then you notice your lights flicker and your speakers turn off. If it lasts for around a second it can even turn off devices and generally is not a good experience. If you are simply uploading files to the cloud (service like Google Drive, Photobucket, or Dropbox), most of them are smart enough and have mechanisms that would re-transmit the "packet that was lost" though you would notice it may take longer to send the file by a bit (depending on how much packet loss there is). If we are dealing with calls/ video calls, you would notice some choppiness, pixelated videos, loss of audio, loss of video, or similar issues. It all depends on the application you are using. Packet loss can be caused by a bad network card, a poor wireless connection (far distance or interference like microwaves or elevators), modem issues, or even ISP (Internet service provider) issues. Hope this helps!
  7. Loss of performance is cool with me. Mainly concerned with stability, longevity, and the drive causing additional heat for other parts due to the lack of intakes on the chassis. 95% of the time it will be on a laptop cool pad so I feel I am on the safer side but just wanted to make sure I am not causing too much problems for those 3 criteria mentioned. Stay safe man!
  8. Thanks for the response! I typically don't have any issues with normal M.2s. What about M.2 NVMes? don't they run quite toasty-er?
  9. I know NVMe SSDs (in my case the Samsung Evo 970) have a thermal sticker that helps with heat dissipation. In a normal case, temps should not be a problem. It would be my first time putting this in a laptop that supports NVMes. My question is if would it be safe to put an NVMe SSD in a laptop as a secondary drive where it will only do a continuous 5-10% load with extremely rare 100% loads on it? I wanted to put some thermal pads but I read I have to peel off the sticker which will void my warranty so I don't think that may be an option. Any other recommendations would be great though! For reference I have included images of an ASUS TUF A15 below where I plan to connect it to on the second slot on the mid-right section. Thanks!
  10. I want the blade stealth. I will water cool it and use it for extreme photo editing like paint. On my free time I will also play games like solitaire and minesweeper. Since this is a great product.... it may even handle spider solitaire @ 30FPS
  11. Thanks for all the responses guys! I tried the following: 1) Distance analogy via Cars 2) Speed of sound analogy using thunder 3) Ask them to ask me what latency is 4) PING explanation (somewhat technical) Surprisingly the 3rd one worked best. When they answer back I gave them another delayed answer for a few times as well to show them how much an issue it is. For the somewhat tech savvy ones I explained using PING to <google.com>: PC: Hey Google (waits 3/4 a second) Google: Wut? Again thank you for all the answers. This is greatly appreciated.
  12. Hi Guys, Good day! I am looking for a great network latency analogy for non-technical users. Users get why bandwidth is important when I explain using the train, printer, and especially the water pipe analogy. Though I am having a hard time explaining latency without using any or much technical terms. Hope you guys have any insight to this! Thanks!
  13. Thanks again . For the NZXT H440 I agree, I really don't like it being restrictive on airflow (especially with my room temp). For the Razer ed one... I would like to avoid that but the only one available in black in my area is that version. For the Phanteks Enthoo Pro, I reached out to a community last night and saw it was not filtered but what people did is they just bought a 5$ filter and just modified it which I can do (see image taken from Linus' video). This is an amazing case for a D.I.Y person and I don't want a little thing to be such a deciding factor for me. Finally for the Thermal Paste, I am still looking what's available in my area, the shop I am reaching out to only sells Arctic Silver 5. I will be checking other shops next month (when 1080s become available) to see what they have. Here are the changes: Case: (CHANGED) To the awesome Phanteks Enthoo Pro PSU: (CHANGED) To a Corsair AX 760W 80+ Platinum based from the recommended PSU list Thermal Paste: (ADDED) Arctic Silver 5 (for now) Fans: (ADDED) +1 120mm for the drive cages I am still pending the following: Monitor: I am mostly decided on the Asus PG279Q though due to the additional 350$ mark up here, I am still have some reservations. (But I am still most likely to get it) GPU: Waiting to see which aftermarket 1080 versions will be available locally Thermal Paste: Will see if I can grab some Thermal Grizzly if there is one available locally Here is the now updated Build:
  14. Thanks for the recommendation, I am going with the NZXT H440 (Razer ed, as there is no black for H440 available in my area) Wow, Thanks for taking your time in constructing such a post. Here is my now Updated Build: Reason for changes/not changing: CPU: (SAME) During my VM scenarios, I usually max out the cores that I use and it takes longer to process my build (Something relating to work). I think I can benefit from the .5ghz boost for an additional 60$. It is not really optimized for more than 3 cores so I think I this could remain the same (and not go to the expensive new releases). Sorry for not mentioning this earlier CPU Cooler: (CHANGED) Nice Catch! Storage Solution: (SAME) Sadly WD Blue(s) here only have 1 year warranty/replacement as per our local distributor, so I am adding a bit for the WD Blacks/Greens for the additional 2 years warranty/replacement. GPU: (N/A) I am unable to mention one yet since I am looking into what will be available by our local distributors. I am very excited for the 1080 FTW though PSU: (SAME) Good EVGA PSUs are not available in my country. Saw a re-seller though he said there is no warranty. So I stick with what I have on the RM750W. Fans: (ADDED) Just wanted some good fans for "outtake." Defaults will work for intake Case: (ADDED) I am almost sold on the Phanteks Evo except I have a question on one thing. On the front panel intake, are the edges filtered? Linus' video shows it ain't but the second video looks like it is. I think most of the dust will come in here if ever. KB/Mouse: (ADDED) I was planning on a K70Brown and a Razer Deathadder but man, you got me way sold on this Monitor: (UNDECIDED) This monitor is the dream... but for $1,100 USD locally I am unsure on this. As of the moment, this is the only one that fits my requests. I will be thinking about it since the monitor is like 1/4 of my whole build in terms of cost. Again, I greatly Appreciate the recommendation, Phanteks Evo was my first choice but I was bothered by the front intakes. Awesome catch also on the CPU cooler and peripherals.
  15. Sorry about that. I corrected it now. I thought it would show as the actual HTML page. I modified this to text instead