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  1. i know there is always something faster my point was it's Not fair for people who bought it for 2000$ and now they released a faster card for 500$ for me im still on my r9 390 so i dont care
  2. from 2000$ to 500 $ and is Faster this should teach everyone to be patient
  3. and now the 3070 is only 500$ and faster im proud im still on my r9 390
  4. yes it was in the socket but why these pins are visible in the bottom they should be covered by the cpu right ?
  5. and while the cpu is installed ? I removed the cooler from my motherboard because I want to ship and while im cleaning the cpu from the thermal paste with QTips my hand slipped to the bottom of the cpu where I can clearly see motherboard pins I don't want to re attach the cooler again and test so im asking is it possible to bend the motherboard pins while cpu is installed ? it is an image from google not my image
  6. 100 Miles I also have another question is it Safe to use 70 % alcohol to Clean the thermal paste if I decided to remove the cooler I heard it has a lot of water
  7. I don't Understand why I need to Remove the backplate also ? remove the cooler Only is Not enough ?
  8. is it hard to reinstall that cooler without removing the motherboard from the Case ? I don't want to remove the motherboard it is a lot of work
  9. I want to Ship a PC I build for a friend with my Car can that big cooler damage the motherboard if I don't remove it ?
  10. why some games set vsyng to off by default not everyone has 240 fps monitor
  11. on my old r9 390 Nitro some games will have vsyng set to off by default I have 60 fps monitor so the game will start to stutter and my gpu will overheat I know I can turn vsyng off but sometime I forget my question since I have a new more 5700xt nitro how to prevent this from happening again ? im still gaming on 60 fps 27 inch 1440p monitor ?
  12. thanks do you please have any idea if the nitro plus will fit inside my Corsair Carbide series Spec - Omega ?
  13. the 2070 super in my country cost 100 $ more than the sapphire rx 5700 xt nitro sapphire rx 5700 xt nitro 586 dollars 2070 super 732 $