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  1. i was planning to buy m.2 nvme and install os there and my currently os is on hdd on C how can i boot in my nvme and at the same time delete my os to C and im ok wiping the C because i save all of my file in D sorry if my english is bad i just need some help what should i do i just dont want to get an error
  2. why my motherboard can overclock cpu i think? it is a msi a320m pro max i can change it to 36.00 to 40.00 on my ryzen 5 3600 it is safe ?
  3. cant i just put hdmi cable to motherboard or it will not really work
  4. im not planning gaming on it yet since it has no gpu can i still use it ?? like for document only like assignments for online class waiting for rtx 3060 or amd new gpu coming
  5. the board work normally back then yea at first with hdd even with my old files load and os i can go to bios but in just only first 5 days it doesnt restart the time i opened a xmp i tried today to change cable of hdd to motherboard and the power cable and the bios update is successful after the bios update i tried to restart again not working i even tried to change the place of my ram and change slot of where hdd will go my option was buy another storage like m.2 or nvme or it is the same for os and reformat my current hdd or upgrade my motherboard
  6. still cant go to bios without removing the hdd
  7. successfully bios updated still getting fail restart
  8. guys this is sooo frustrating curse this motherboarddddddddd
  9. since the trusted seller is not responding even though it is always active for 5 minutes it is really frustrating the seller is not even chatting me at alllll i give a review 1 stars can i ask it is okay to force shutdown power button if my pc cant restart it doesnt hurt my pc component right ?or it is ? if its hurting my hdd im ok with it i turn off the fast start up and i hope it works and next time i will try to bios update does it void my warranty ? to the board ?
  10. now im asking the seller to change the board or i refund its just only days not months of using or change a new better motherboard like b450 by adding more money
  11. ohhh i forgot i bought this on august 13 so between this two my old hdd or the motherboard ?? im using my pc right now and tried to restart not workinggg again and i did the thing as usual this is sooo frustrating i dont wanna destroy my pc from force shutdown in power button in first 5 days its working i can restart now i cant maybe you are right cause from xmp but i turn it on in the first 3 days and working fine
  12. well the seller said it is brand new and i bought it in aug 17 so im talking to the seller the situation and straightly ask me for my psu but is working fine it is also brand neww
  13. well it boot up always fine it is just only when restarting its not booting up no signal i need to force powerbutton and turn off the psu and on to make it work if i did not turn off and on the psu it wont work again so i need to do that to make my pc work i can get to bios but i need to remove the hdd first to get in bios