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  1. Thank you very much by the way I have to check what graphics card the laptop have and see after where I have to go (nvidia ,amd) and I can do that with cpu z or gpu z right ? (I mean to check what graphics card is on the laptop)
  2. Hello guys I have one question, first of all if you buy some parts for example a b450 tomahawk max and a ryzen cpu and Nvidia gpu you have to put windows 10 when you do that you go to nvidia site and you install your graphics card drivers after you go to your motherboard site as I said msi and you install all the drivers my question is if you have a laptop and you want to format it after format what you have to do ? You have to check your graphics card and go and install the drivers ? And with chipset, realtek and all that drivers ?? What i have to find the motherboard model ? I'm confused if anybody can help me thanks and have a nice day! ( I don't want to do it with program for example driver booster I want to do it manually)
  3. Hello guys i have a gtx 1060 6gb b350 strix f gaming r7 1700 and the problem is that my motherboard and CPU after 2 years got faulty I send the b350 f to the Asus for rma and they fix it and the r7 1700 to amd and today I received the new one btw I buy b450 tomahawk max because first I send the motherboard cause I didn't knew that and my cpu was faulty anyway I have 2 motherboards the strix one and the tomahawk should I give the r7 1700 unopened new and the strix and just go and buy a 3600x or 2700x or should I keep it with the tomahawk and sell the strix what do you think ? Thanks everyone! And have a nice day!!
  4. Hello guys one question i want to format my computer with windows media creation tool i buy before 4-5 months a key for windows 10 pro retail version if i format i will still have it ? i mean i don't have to put it again back or buy different key right ? thanks everyone for help hope you have a wonderful day!
  5. Finally let me tell you so of I oc the 3800xt I can win the 3900xt (stock)
  6. Guys thanks all for the help of course I will go with zen2 but I will wait a bit to see if the prices drop down and what is going on with zen3 hope you have a nice day!
  7. Good one can do 4.5 Ghz under 1.32v you mean with x right ?
  8. Okay let me tell you ryzen with x it have more frequency more ghz right ? With xt what you get ?
  9. About zen2 and zen3 what is your opinion? Should I wait
  10. But zen2 is already tested about problems this is what I'm thinking
  11. So should I go with zen2 or wait and go with zen3 what do you think ?