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  1. I'm glad I got the SX8200 Pro. I always thought it is inferior to the more expensive 970 Evo Plus. At those temps, my laptop palmrest will be blistering hot.
  2. Does the 970 Evo Plus really get that hot? My SX8200 Pro is sitting at 28c on idle right now, in a laptop. Never seen it go over 40c, even in long gaming sessions. Highest temp ever measured is 55c. I installed Adata's included heatsink, btw. Don't know if that helps in lowering the temps.
  3. Most SSDs with DRAM come with 5 year warranty. DRAMless SSDs by comparison only come with 3. I'd be more than happy to pay just a few dollars more for an extra 2 years of warranty.
  4. Lol, 128GB on a Macbook "Pro". Luckily it has no soldered SSD, otherwise the laptop will be nigh useless in the future.
  5. Apple has always been known to sell overpriced, inferior, soldered junk. Nothing surprising here. I don't know why would they even bother to open an Indian Apple store, their market share in India is already pathetic.
  6. Plundervolt is vastly overblown IMO. Almost nobody uses Intel SGX because there are very little real-world uses for it, that is why it is left disabled by default on the BIOS. One such use for it is DRM for 4k Blu-ray, but almost no laptop today has an optical drive.
  7. Both are bad IMO. Though the Macbook Air is the worse out of the two because it has soldered SSD and terrible cooling. Get the HP Envy x360 with Ryzen 4000 instead.
  8. None of those are gaming laptops. If you want to game, don't get laptops that are thin and light, they overheat more easily.
  9. So you basically pay more for soldered SSD and even worse cooling.
  10. Just do the repaste, it won't void the warranty. Even if it does, there is no way they can tell unless there is a warranty sticker or you damaged something inside.
  11. Hey guys, So I have this laptop that came with a 7200rpm 2.5" 1tb hdd as a boot drive. Problem is, less than two years later, it is already failing, with 2400 bad sectors. I had to buy an nvme ssd and reinstall windows there since the hard drive corrupted system files, preventing the laptop from booting to windows. So now I'm just using it as a secondary, unimportant storage. My question is, are 7200rpm 2.5" hdds this bad? Or did I just get unlucky? I read that they are less reliable than the standard 5400rpm. Less than 2 years and it is already problematic. It is a seagate barracuda pro. Also, if I replace it with the 7200rpm 2.5" wd black 500gb hdd, will it be as bad too? The wd black has a 5 year warranty, btw.
  12. Free up some space. The kingston a400 is a low end dramless ssd so don't expect much from it.
  13. Check the health status with Crystaldiskinfo.