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  1. Nice Ima join you guys for this $7UFF Lol But yeah Ima consider joining ya guys over at LMG
  2. My account is only 3.5 months old Waiting for the glorious day of Monday, the 16th of November. The day I will be able to join LTT Official
  3. Flynx

    Can't join Discord

    How old is your account?
  4. THANKS MAN! BTW, you could help out too!
  5. No man I meant code it on my own
  6. I wanna experience it That is the reason I wanna do it on my own
  7. LOL Can't I code a forum on my own?
  8. Hey! I am looking for the RYZEN, RADEON and EPYC font but couldn't find anything good on the internet. Please could someone help me?
  9. I actually want to code a forum like this! @colonel_mortis, please could you help?
  10. Sorry man Got nothing NOTHING RELATED TO Albion server
  11. I want to know how this site was coded!
  12. What is Albion server used for?
  13. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh What is Albion server? How many Deltas do they have? What are the 2 Whonnocks? Tell me more about the export server and the backup server! Any other servers?
  14. HEYYYY GUYS The LMG server room has a bunch of servers. What functions do all of them perform? What are their exact specs? Tell me by commenting to this!