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  1. Hey mate, do you have list of good motherboard that have thunderbolt 3, i know there is from asrock with mini itx form factor that i forgot what the name was, i know the price gonna be higher than standard motherboard without tb3, but the price and chipset not my concern, so either amd or intel is fine, as for what i want to use it, i want to use it for audio interface, im currently planning to upgrade from my older pc for music production
  2. Did Linus media grup have electric generator, i mean yeah i know they have battery backup, but that's only for server room (and editing stuff?), But for writers stuff and generally overall building, or they have another solution for that?
  3. I think if something that worth for you, even if you have the money for the most expensive next gen gpu, is that worth? Also thinking about your cpu it's sad really to pay more to get same performance as midrange one, it's lot to adjust really, on the subject just think first whether you want amd or nvdia, after that choosing the budget, and so on
  4. Yeah ram but get bottleneck by the connector at the time yet it was volatile which is bad
  5. I search for gigabyte i-ram and found this little tiny board running of what's look like ddr3 sodimm And it's look like it's was connected with pc as pcie storage instead of i-ram sata based storage, and it's have 3 micro sd slot so what do you think 'bout this? And while searching i found that there's a ddr3 version of i-ram There's not much info i could gather from this one
  6. Does it looks safe to to you to plug the drive vertically?, I mean sure ssd are fine but high capacity 3.5" hard drive? Just asking tho
  7. Yeah, i think it was, being able to just plug the hhd/ssd to the motherboard without additional wire what so ever
  8. I see it an hour ago on tomshardware and like wtf, I mean who want and need this kinda thing? It can use normal stacked sata connector, right? It forsake everything from using sodimm instead of normal dimm, not having 24 pin power connector, and only having x1 pcie slot I mean who needs pcie when you have effectively 32 full fledged sata connector, right? LoL Anyway it's interesting really to see some kinda abomination like this This is the link https://www.tomshardware.com/amp/news/intel-motherboard-32-sata-ports,40408.html