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  1. Confirming that I will be folding exclusively for the LTT folding@home team. All parameters have been set in folding software installed on my rigs. No longer folding with the folding@EVGA team, due to questionable product warranty practices ... leave it at that.
  2. Locked and loaded ... this newbie is ready to go ... participated in similar events with another entity in years' past ... wonder if a 30XX GPU will be certified by the F@H folks in time for 12 October
  3. All 30XX series cards use some multiple of a PSU 8-pin power connector ... not the 12-pin connector in the rumor mill for months now. EDIT: Now, nVidia is saying a 12-pin power adapter cable will be included in 30XX shipments ... so, no need to buy a new power supply. Quote: "Don’t worry, we included an adapter that allows Founders Edition cards to work with users’ existing power supplies. " See: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/introducing-rtx-30-series-graphics-cards/?nvid=nv-int-gfhm-43495#cid=_nv-int-gfhm_en-us
  4. Went with the 5700XT instead of an RTX 2070, because you can achieve similar folding results at around $100 less than nVidia's offering. While I agree AMD's drivers and software need more tweaking than nVidia, I'd rather do that than pay for an overpriced graphics card in the twilight of the 20XX series.
  5. I'm using the Radeon dashboard and relying on the onboard BIOS for clock settings. GPU clocks are running between 2067 t0 2075 MHz.
  6. FYI to all -- Purchased an MSI 5700XT Gaming X about a month ago. It replaced an EVGA 2070 Black Edition that prematurely died after 10 m0nths use. The Radeon 5700XT puts out ~1.4 million folding points/day, with a maximum temperature of ~57 degrees C. Recommend!
  7. nVidia most likely repeating other earlier product launches and adding another feather in their cap, prior to the big 30XX launch announcement on September 1st. Makes for a shining PowerPoint bullet ...
  8. Highly suggest you look at a laptop -- and an Intel I-5 or Ryzen 7 would be more than enough CPU for what you want to do music- or video- editing wise. As a college student, you're going to be highly-mobile between classes and the library, for example. To be efficient, you may have some time between classes to get that last bit of homework done, or jump-start on a new project. Additionally, I'd recommend solid state drives (SSDs) rather than hard disk drives (HDDs), since you'll be carrying your laptop around and setting it down by your desk, lecture hall seat, etc.; HDDs are more prone to damage in this environment. As for the 600 dollar price range ... I'd set my sights on something around 800 - 900 dollars to get a better than average laptop, so you can enjoy your college experience! Cheers!
  9. Will do! I participated in a "time zone challenge" with a previously-affiliated team. Lots of fun ... looking forward to it! Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!
  10. Hello, guys 'n' gals. I recently defected from another team, and chose your team, due to Linus' honest product reviews in the past. I have two rigs with NVidia 2070s that do the heavy lifting, folding-wise. Keeping the faith as medical science hurries to find a cure for the current epidemic.