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    AMD A8-5500
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    MSI-778 jasmine
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    8gb of samsung 1600 memory
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    Hp case
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    1.5 tb western digital caviar black
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    350w hp switching psu
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    Stock heatsink
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    Hp standard
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    Razer Deathadder 2013
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    Razer Kraken Pro
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  1. Hello, I have a Gigabyte b450 Aorus elite motherboard and just upgraded to the Lian Li 011 Dynamic Razer edition case. The motherboard does not have a type c header on it for the front it. Is there a PCI express card that allows that internal connector to be plugged in to make the front port usable? Thanks
  2. Keep in mind in OBS, i use the NVENC codec for encoding no X264
  3. Hello, I have a few questions to pick the brains of the forum here. My current config is as follows CPU- Intel Core I5 7400 @3.00GHZ MOBO- Asus Prime b250m-A Memory 16GB Corsair Vengence PRO RGB @2400Mhz (limited by mobo) GPU- EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC PSU- 500 Watt Storage- Boot- Samsung 970 EVO 250GB Storage - MASS- Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB My use case is this. I play csgo and i have a 144HZ monitor, being that CSGO is a more cpu dependent game, I push about 200 FPS. However, I would like to start to stream/record my gameplay and I feel that my current CPU is holding back. I am never able to consistenly have above 250 fps at all. The other game I play is APEX Legends. While this game whenever I play it pins my CPU at 100% usage. There can be periods of time where the game studders and on task manager the CPU is maxed out whenever I play this game. Is it worth it to spend money on that CPU and new MOBO or should I wait and save up some more for an I7 or i5 9600K? P.S I am not a fan of Ryzen after running into issues with memory compatibility with the same ram that I have on my friends computer. Intel Only
  4. Ive re seated the cpu as well as switched the processor out and tried it both ways. I am truly stuck and this is going on hour 4 now.
  5. I have put the ram in every configuration imagineable. The board supports up to 3200 mhz but the 8GB of ram that is usable is clocked at 2133MHZ. There has to be a issue on the software side. The modules both work because corsair ICUE sees both modules and I can control the LED's on them/
  6. Hello, I have just upgrade my buddys computer from his ryzen 5 1400 to a ryzen 5 2600. The motherboard is a MSI b350m Bazooka. I have already flashed the bios to be able to support the new chip. The processor is fine, however, he also bought 16gb of corsair vengence RGB ram, In the bios, its shows both memory slots are populated with 8192MB of ram in each slot however, the bios is showing only 8192 mb of total ram. In windows, the ram shows 8GB of usable ram but says that there is 16gb of ram installed. Am I missing something?
  7. https://gyazo.com/e9516aac8407fc027d4fbbe17311cd38
  8. My CPU never seems to hit or come close to its max turbo frequency. The highest it has ever gone is 3.15 GHZ and it is watercooled with a H60 Any help??? CPU- Intel Core I5-7400 @ 3.00ghz Cooler- Corsair H60 MOBO- Asus Prime B250m-A RAM- 8GB ADATA 2400 GPU- EVGA GTX 1070 SC PSU- 500 WATT 80+
  9. The company in our area is SEMCO, their last pipeline stake stops at the corner of our property. As for the house, our grandparents gave us land to build on and we just finished building our new house. SEMCO wanted 15,000 to finish the pipeline to our driveway then charge more to run it back to our house. This is ridiculous.
  10. Well it inst just the internet, I live a mile of a main road which isnt that far, the thing with the utility company reference is due to the fact that we dont have natural gas, phone lines, jack crap. The thing I do not understand is the next dirt road south of us that connects to the same road and runs parallel, has Comcast, Uverse, and natural gas, and our road has a couple of private drives. I do not understand the logic behind any of these companies what so ever. It makes me and my family angry to a point.
  11. Currently using ATT wireless home internet and pay 60 a month for 25gb's of data. I live a mile from fiber just down a dirt road and nothing unlimited is available. We just moved to our new house and this is what we have for the time being. Utility companies need to get their act together and start being able to service those who need it. I live a hour north of Detroit and this makes me angry. Especially when Detroit has comcast's 2gbps fiber and att fiber. Life can truly suck some times
  12. 1700 hours and only sem. I swear I know blaming teammates for problems is something not to own up to, its just that it seems that whatever game I get in in ranks down here there are constant smurfs and or people that just dont want to play the game to take it seriously. I have been up to GN2 and I play in MG lobbies with friends, and top frag sometimes. It is also a problem being that my internet is a hotspot through an iphone. If you haven't played on one of those yet, the jitter in the ping is insane and there is glitches ever few seconds. Enough excuse the only person I can blame is my self so I cant be complaining.
  13. Good evening everyone. After completing my coaxial cabling in the new house build, it is time to start running ethernet. In my bedroom I have a wall jack for a wall mounted tv that has a slot for coaxial and ethernet (smart tv). The problem I am having is that the keystone jacks that I bought do not work with my tester at all, or anything. They are not making a connection. After watching a lot of youtube videos, people make it look so easy. There must be something that I am missing. I tried getting a female plug to female connector for the wallplate and that worked great, only problem with that is that I have 25 keystone jacks that I have already bought and each female to female adapter is 10 dollars a piece. I need some help as to what I am doing wrong. WallJacks - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004D5PFGW/ref=twister_B01E8OEQ3A?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Ethernet- http://www.homedepot.com/p/Southwire-1000-ft-Blue-23-4-CAT6-Riser-CMR-Cable-56918949/202316391 Punch Down Tool - https://www.lowes.com/pd/Southwire-Phone-Data-Punch-Down/50238803 Tester- https://www.lowes.com/pd/Southwire-Analog-Datacomm-Tester-Meter/50278119 I think I have suffice tools to do this job. I need some help. Also I have another thing to ask of the community, Since this build is new and we want everything ran before dry wall, as for a ceiling mounted access point, what prep work has to be done in terms of cabeling to the point of deployment and about the deployment itself, does it come with a bracket? How do those mount to a rough build. (I plan on there being at least 3 ap's on the network. As always thank you guys some much for your insight! Andrew
  14. Hello everyone, As me and my family are moving closer to building our new house, Me and my dad are wanting to run Ethernet to every room in the house. The only problem I see right now is that there is no isp available in my area of where the new house will be built. We are trying to contract Comcast to run main line down our road. (Nightmare). Anyways the point is what could be all the possible uses/ needs of Ethernet in the house. Questions: How many plugs in each room? Celing mounted plugs for routers? What type of cable to use? Where to buy cabling from? Best quality cable? Tips when doing this? What size switch do I need to terminate everything with? What type of switch? My dad also wants to install a surveillance system in this house. What do most cameras use for hookup? I also plan on having my computer station set up in the basement where I would hope all the cabling could terminate to. All I'm looking for is some advice from people who have done this or are planning to do this as well. Thanks, Andrew P.S House is 3 stories tall