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  1. Have the same issue (coilwhine) on certain workunits, although not that loud (1660 Ti). On other work units, my PSU starts making a certain lightly audible ticking sound that correlates with the GPU usage% curve of Afterburner. No way around it I guess...
  2. So many questions regarding your google searches...
  3. Always consider power consumption (and as a result heat and noise). That's why most people rather underclock / undervolt for distributed computing: more performace/watt
  4. Sliger Cerberus is very compact for a (full) atx case and can be outfitted with a handle.
  5. How much ram is required? Is 16gb enough or do you need 32? The Lenovo t14 with ryzen has option for 32, but not under a 1000. And you do not want to skimp on the screen either. The Yoga Slim 7 with r7 4800u / 16gb / 100% sRGB can be bought for around 1000 here in Europe. Not sure where you are located.
  6. Greetings from Belgium! What would be the price for a Sliger once you get it here? NR200 is a bit more friendly for the budget. I went for a Lian Li TU-150 lately. That one is not that small but very easy to build in and compatible with large air coolers. I went for a cheap used 2700x (120 euros) untill Zen 3 arrives. For gaming a 3600 is sufficient.
  7. That's a whole lot of quality info here in this topic. Thansk guys. Starting to really like this forum.
  8. Sorry for the semi-hijack of this topic, but I'm in a very similar situation. Still have my x58 system folding/BOINCing, but PSU is over 9 years old I think (Seasonic X 760). Checked my voltages under load (+/- 320 watts on the wall), and my voltages (12 / 3.3) are quite different from TheWai's I'm no PSU connaisseur, but I would like some peace of mind now I read this topic.
  9. I got a new mITX rig with a 2700x and 1660 Ti. CPU is always on Rosetta, 1660 Ti is mostly folding, but I let it try Einstein as well when I don't want the pc to stay on for almost 5 more hours. However, my old RX580 just destroys the 1660 Ti in Einstein it seems. Do you guys now of any other gpu projects that would benefit relatively more from a 1660 Ti?
  10. How thick (gauge / AWG) are the wires of CableMod extensions then? Can't find anything on their site.
  11. That thing looks like an improvised weapon from a 80s or 90s apocalyptic sci-fi movie. Never had any dust issues with it?
  12. The fractal design Define S (version 1) has no shroud, but with 'airflow' you mean a mesh front panel?
  13. Already saw it on Tweakers, but still a very nice portable setup.
  14. I just want to quickly introduce myself here, since I'm pretty new here on the forum. I have been Folding on and (mostly) off the last 9 years. First with i7 920 and GTX570 (I remember hitting around 60k PPD), and since a few years x5650 and RX580. Still, with the (in my opinion disproportionate) quick return bonus, it's no fun Folding with a bit outdated hardware, so I went with BOINC since a couple weeks. Still need to learn a lot, especially with multiple systems/remote acces etc. Since I found relevant info here, and it seems this forum here is relatively active with folding/boinc I thought I would join and crunch for LTT. At the moment I only have my old x58 system but I'm in the process of buying another pc. Still not sure if it's worth it to let my NAS fold as well. (How is the performance/watt of a Celeron j3455?) Best regards from Belgium.
  15. vsral

    99% Done R9 build

    System looking good! I'm sorry for your loss. Was this a shared hobby? What's the 1% that still needs to be done?