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  1. Hey all, Today I had the opportunity to test the camera of my Galaxy Note10+ versus my stepdad's iPhone 11 Pro Max, since our family was considering swapping my phone out for his. I was on board with this idea, since I planned to jump ship to iOS at least eventually, but there was just one hiccup. I did find a comfortable color language with the iPhone, paired with some great detail, but one spot I felt it fell off was in HDR performance. There were several scenarios where it came down to the iPhone capturing a more detailed shot of the subject, but my Note doing much better at keeping the background from blowing out. Blown-out backgrounds in photos bothers me a lot, and it's hard to feel confident that the shots I'd want to take would end up coming out nicely or just looking unprofessional. My Note can keep the entire scene under control nicely, which is something I value extremely. To any iPhone users on here, what has your camera experience been? Has my short test not done it justice, or have you also found yourself with blown-out backgrounds?
  2. With their current deal + trade-in, I'd be getting it for pretty much 50% off at least. It's very tempting to take the plunge now, especially considering how you mentioned Apple Watch. I had been taking some glances at smart watches from time to time, and maybe getting my toes wet in the ecosystem could get me to make that move sooner rather than later. Also, I admit that design might also be influencing me a bit. Don't like the iPhone 4-style edges that are pretty much confirmed to be returning to the 12, so that's been pulling me a bit towards taking the plunge now.
  3. I don't plan on going for 128. 256 is a good sweet spot for me, since not only will there be no size difference between my two options, but as a pretty frequent photographer and videographer (likely more on an iPhone), my space will certainly bloat past 128 GB used in time. The camera quality and performance bumps are certainly compelling, but I don't suspect that it would make the 11 series' performance seem unsatisfactory to me. Not to say I'm entirely committed yet, though; definitely staying open minded until I figure out what's best for me.
  4. AirPods Pro as well, but I might just end up going deeper in the future. I'm not entirely concerned about my lack of peripherals because of this. Sure, the start might be a bit rocky, but it's certainly not an outright deterring factor.
  5. Hello, all. Recently, I've been weighing my options between sticking with Android or not, and have ultimately decided that iOS would be right for me. I've been riding on the Note10+ since launch and, as such, have decided that the iPhone 11 Pro Max would be right for me. Plus, my carrier, Verizon Wireless, has put a very decent slash on the Pro models' prices. The iPhone 12 is near, yes, and looks compelling, but so is the Note20. I live in an area that has no chance at 5G (barely doing 4G most of the time) and 60Hz vs 120Hz is not at all a deal-breaker, so doing the trade-in soon would be handy given that the Note10+ will still go for a good value. As well as this, I personally believe that the iPhone 12 doesn't seem to put enough on the table to stop me from considering 2019's model. To any iPhone owners or those knowledgeable, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Should I take this relatively rare opportunity to get a good discount on the 11 Pro Max, or perhaps wait it out through the summer and directly compare with the official iPhone 12 statistics? My ship jump to Apple is charged quite a bit on contact with family and friends, so it's appearing to me as a case of "the sooner, the better," but I'm still all ears on this decision of mine.