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  1. Hi, Currently looking for a gaming laptop my budget is around £1200. I found this deal and was wondering if there was anything better for the money I could get or not. Thanks in advance https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/lenovo-legion-5p-15-6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i5-rtx-2060-256-gb-ssd-10207939-pdt.html
  2. I would prefer it so I can have some noise cancelling when studying in public places
  3. Hi, I'm looking for some closedback headphones for gaming and music. I have a dedicated mic so I don't need a headset and would prefer some dedicated headphones. My budget is around £250. Thanks for the help in advance
  4. Hi, Just got the keys to my new university house and my room only has plugs on one side of the room (opposite to the desk with no way of changing it) and my landlords solution was to link 3 extension cables in series across the room. I was just wondering if anyone knew about any good surge protected extension cables which were 9 metres plus. I am in the UK so the Tripp lite is unfortunately not an option. Thanks for the help in advance
  5. Fatemu

    Best Wifi Router

    Probably about 1100 square feet
  6. Fatemu

    Best Wifi Router

    The router is upstairs in the middle of the house (which is the only place it can be) and the walls are brick in quite a compact house in london
  7. Fatemu

    Best Wifi Router

    I believe it is the plus net hub one
  8. Hi, So my landlord has recently installed plus net WiFi into our house with what he claims to be guaranteed 72mbps, which is far from the truth with some rooms getting 2mbps. So we are looking into upgrading the router from the standard plus net one with budget not being a problem. Thanks in advance for the help.
  9. Fatemu

    WiFi extendor

    Hi, just moving into a new university home and the WiFi isn't the best so was hoping to add a powerline adapter with built in WiFi extender in order to give my room an ethernet port (as the router is on the other side of the house). So was just wondering what would be my best option. Thanks in advance for the help.
  10. Hi, Trying to upgrade to a wireless mouse from the G403 my hands are pretty big (21cm length 11cm width) so trying to find something which would be good and comfortable in long fps gaming sessions. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi, I recently upgraded my PC system to have a Ryzen 7 3700x, but am having some issues with it's cooling. Originally i had a corsair H60 water cooler which had it idling at around 60c and spiking to 83c when playing valorant. I then replaced it with the stock cooler to see if that would be better but the idling was about the same with it then spiking to 88c when playing a game, so i invested in the noctua NH-d15s Which still idles at around 60c but now is spiking at 75c when gaming. Was just wondering how i could potentially get these temps down. I've added a picture of my exact build. Thanks for any help in advance!