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  1. I dont have any partitions so how would I make partitions and if virtual machine is better how do I do that
  2. So I need Windows apps to work on my linux laptop so I need dual booting I tried Wine and the apps I wanted to use didn't work and I don't want to use a virtual machine so how do I dual booting I think I need to make a partition if so how do I make partitions and this computer has had windows before so I have a windows license in this laptops motherboard
  3. is there a way to check if the motherboard will reject the egpu without buying it first
  4. its not that epensive if you do mini pcie around $160 as I stated
  5. I said custom egpu which basically means taking out the wifi card and connecting the gpu to the wifi card slot
  6. So right now I have 2 laptops one has a core i5-8250u which I use for school, web browsing, and very light gaming. My other laptop has a core i3-6100u and this is the laptop I would tdo the custom eGPU on. So should I make a custom eGPU for the second laptop or buy a new gaming laptop during black friday. the egpu would cost around $160 without black friday sales while the new gaming laptop would cost around $800 without black friday deals and I think will cost $500 during black friday.
  7. I dont think it can handle those specs but you could increase fan curves and undervolt which doesnt take away any performance
  8. I have a laptop that I use for watching videos and homework it has a i3-6100u should I reapply the thermal paste even though I dont have any thermal problems any answer is appreciated
  9. is there a trustable brand with the same spec and price as the unknown brand it can be a yEAR OR SO OLDER
  10. But the laptop is 2 years old and the price hasn't dropped isn't that weird
  11. So I was browising walmar because I watched the OVERPOWERED Laptop video again and wanted to see if they were in stock now but I found this https://www.walmart.com/ip/EVOO-Gaming-Laptop-15-FHD-144Hz-Display-THX-Spatial-Audio-Tuned-9th-Gen-Intel-i7-9750H-Nvidia-GTX-1650-256GB-SSD-16GB-Memory-Windows-10-Home-Black/545386564?athcpid=545386564&athpgid=athenaItemPage&athcgid=null&athznid=PWVUB&athieid=v0&athstid=CS020&athguid=b74bbdb2-007-1754b9f409de06&athancid=null&athena=true but then when I checked amazon for a two year old dell gaming laptop with an i5 is $1000 why is this thing way cheaper it has a 9th Gen i-7
  12. In the video about the graphics card amd wouldnt sell linus overcloked the graphics card using an app isnt there an app like that but for cpu overclocking
  13. It says online that it wont hurt your hardware you just have to restart your pc