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  1. A little cheaper on Samsung's website 256GB Samsung 840 PRO SSD $239.99 http://www.samsung.com/us/computer/memory-storage/MZ-7PD256BW $239.99 :)
  2. Another vote for the Define R4. I will most likely be getting one sometime soon, (I may get the XL though as I like big/expandable cases). I have heard plenty of good things about it and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! :)
  3. I would agree. The Asus routers are beautiful! Asus also makes top quality products. Also Linksys is a good brand (sad they got bought out by belkin). Let me know what price point you are looking at. I would get an AC if you can afford it. You wouldn't need a new router for a bunch of years. :)
  4. Welcome to the forum! Could you define "decent price"? thanks :)
  5. Ahhhh that's true. I guess I did not look that closely. Great processor pick then. :)
  6. This is a nice website. I have always done it the hard way I guess (Google, Google, Google, Excel, Excel, Excel) Nice to know! :)
  7. If you could I would squeeze a 3570k in there. (Take the $20.00ish from optical drive and put towards an unlocked processor) :)
  8. That looks very nice! You could probably do without the optical drive though. :)
  9. Congratulations! You found the light! I will try to find some parts to recommend, but it may take a minuet. As for SSD I would recommend Samsung 840 120GB :)
  10. Very good! What case model is that? If that is you "cheap as possible" WOW! :)
  11. Very nice! Only thing I would add would be water cooling, and cable management :) Overall very nice for two years old! :)
  12. I would go with the Linksys E900-CA. I am no good at powerline :( if you have the option just pull a new Ethernet cable. It really is not hard ( I did it and I am really young). Is it possible to just move the modem? :)
  13. Go for it! I would love to see them! :)
  14. Even better then!!! I was wondering why you would have a giant case and no water cooling. Haha. :)
  15. I hope and pray he is kidding. Looking at his PC specs I think he should have no problem running it on his PC :)
  16. Looks great! What I would change (personal choice) 840 Pro SSD, Watercooling (H100i???), and I am sure you could squeeze a little more out of your CPU. Looks like a great build. Nice BIG case. :)
  17. 840 Pro will be my next drive (unless something better comes out in the next little while). :)
  18. Thank you for letting us answer your question! Glad you found an adequate answer. :)
  19. One that has 120gb stamped on it, Just kidding. Samsung 830. I would highly recommend a bigger drive than 60gb. I have an OCZ 60gb in a USB enclosure right now and it works fine, it holds my bootable copy of Ubunbu. 830 is what I would recommend if you can find one, but it is about the same price to get a 120gb of a different model. :)
  20. Nike seems to be the only thing that fits me just right. :)
  21. A+ certification. Very easy to get and covers tons of the basics. It is super easy (it is offered at my high school). Definitely worth the time and cost (it is like $80.00 for the test). Also it is honored by anyone in the IT field. Mention it to anyone in IT and they will know exactly what it is. "The CompTIA A+ certification is the starting point for a career in IT. The exam covers maintenance of PCs, mobile devices, laptops, operating systems and printers." -http://certification.comptia.org :)
  22. Open it up and get the platters and magnets out. Save the super strong magnets. Make a Tesla Turbine out of the platters. :)
  23. Personally I would go with the 840 Pro. I did a super quick reference and it looks like it is about 10 cents more per gig to get the 840 pro. Both are very capable drives and will last a very, very long time. 840 pro is $239.99 on Samsung's website. :)