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  1. Most homes in the US are wired for 110 volts at 10 or 15 Amps per circuit. I am looking at power supplies with 80 or more amps available on the 12 volt rail. How is this possible? Where do these amps come from? Thanks
  2. The amazing screen!!!! And mini Displayport, that is always good too
  3. You will want unregistered. Registered is for mission critical and goes along nicely with ECC. Registered ram has a "register" (go figure ) that acts a lot like cache. Registered is more for server RAM and the like
  4. Be sure to run prime 95 for quite a long time once you get it "stable" Stable: not crashing all over the place and boots up without any problems If it crashes while running prime 95 it is not 100% stable
  5. You are right the h100i is too expensive for that cheap APU. I got my h100i at a stupid cheap price so I just threw it in. I would love to see a 6800k at 5GHz . May I ask why you went with an APU and a 7950. IMO an fx-6300 or so would have been a better CPU.
  6. Grab an h100i if you just want to plug it in and hit go. Voltages are a lot of trial and error, just don't push them to hard and go up SLOWLY. It depends on how "blessed" your APU is.
  7. 290x would most likely be a better choose. NOTE: This is my opinion so take it with a giant grain of salt
  8. Anyone have 2 reference cards willing to trade me?
  9. I am looking for a waterblock for both of my gigabyte 280x cards (model GV-R928XOC-3GD (rev 2) does anyone know of a block that will fit this card? I really prefer ek, but others will do if they look nice thanks everyone!
  10. How hard is it to get a gt 440 with 2 monitors and on-board Intel graphics with an additional monitor working? Also how hard is it to use two completely random graphics cards together (not in sli)? for extended displays? thanks (note its in a teachers machine thanks so much for your help!
  11. Sorry I never clarified what outputs are needed VGA (yea it sux) single link DVI, and an HDMI (that sux too) So should I just grab a 640 that has those specs? thanks
  12. What is the lowest cost for a triple monitor capable graphics card a gt 430 is not working. It can be total crap for today's standards it just has to output to 3 random monitors (going to be donated for a high school teacher's machine) thanks so much!
  13. thanks so much! Just double checking I dont need my $240 graphics card dyeing on me I bought a 7970 for $240 and am well pleased especially since they occasionally sell on ebay for over $600
  14. Probably a really stupid question, but do any thermal pads (specifically the ones that come with EK backplates) conduct electricity thanks so much for your time
  15. I am doing a project for school. I am going to be doing an overclocking presentation with liquid nitrogen. I am looking for Pentium 4, and Celeron D (prescott) Processors. They will be donated to my high school. I am just trying to help other students learn about cooling, a little about overclocking and having a little fun while doing so. I am also looking for 1GB sticks of DDR-1 or DDR2 Memory, also thermal paste would be good thanks for looking!
  16. Finally finished sleeveine EVERYTHING!

  17. Does anyone know the theoretical maximum an intel 630 could go on board number one? Also anyone want to donate any equipment, does not matter what it is, I can pay shipping Its tax season (USA) anyone need a tax write-off?
  18. This board i believe is DDR1 (have my fingers crossed) DDR2 IMHO kinda sucked, was not needed, was not adopted enough, and is still expensive compared to DDR1
  19. Pink connector is parallel printer port. Ancient printers used it. If you thought stupid USB 3.0 header cables were stiff, try using one of those thanks guyz