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  1. Thanks man, I didn't think these were around any more.
  2. This is the one: https://www.eteknix.com/roccat-kone-gaming-mouse/
  3. I need a new mouse, and there's far too many to choose from. What do people recommend? I'm a palm gripper, and my main concern is comfort. Years ago I had a Roccat Kone (original version). This was by far the most comfortable mouse I've ever had, but it wore out after something like 3 or 4 years. I was pretty annoyed about this, so I replaced it with an EpicGear, which frankly wasn't as good - but to be fair has lasted a good while. Wrote to Roccat to ask if the current Kone lineup is actually the same size and shape as the original (I'm sure they looks smaller), and they essentially wrote back telling me that they have a current Kone series - thanks guys, super unhelpful. If they still made the original Kone I would absolutely have this again; great feel, enough buttons but not a silly amount, and (less importantly) looks pretty good. There's so much to choose from, and sadly in the UK we don't really have any stores that have a lot on display to try. Any input is much appreciated.
  4. Thanks. Is that the only real benefit then? I thought it was supposed to perform better under UEFI.
  5. I built myself a new PC last week. (Parts list is here: https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/Styxx1000/saved/m8HNcf, although I'm not sure that's much use for this issue) Today I realised that I've installed Windows on an MBR partitioned drive (NVMe Samsung 970 Evo Plus). This is my first build so there's a certain amount of learning for me here, basically I hadn't realised that this was a thing. I found another thread saying that UEFI needs the drive to be GPT partitioned. Also, this link was provided to convert: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-convert-mbr-disk-gpt-move-bios-uefi-windows-10 My main question is, is there any downside to converting the drive in this way, or would it be better for me to do a clean install of Windows? I've not done anything serious with the PC so far, so a clean install won't screw me, but if I can avoid having to set up everything again then that would be great. If I do need to re-install, am I likely to run into any issues with the Windows license key? Bearing in mind that I've already used it once, albeit on the same machine. Also, to convert to UEFI I have found two sections in the BIOS that mention UEFI, please see attached pictures. I think that I need to set the first one to UEFI, and that I can leave the second on LEGACY+UEFI. Is that correct? Many thanks to anyone who takes the time to read and reply.
  6. I'm about to build myself a new PC. It's going to be living on the floor under my desk (no room on the desk unfortunately) so I want to get something to stand it on to keep the dust out, especially with the PSU at the bottom of the case. Does anyone have any decent suggestions? I've had a look around online and I can't see much. There's a bunch of X-shaped stands like this that seem to be somewhat popular, but I'm concerned they look a bit small. The case I'll be using is a Fractal Define R6, so it needs to fit that (543mm x 233mm).
  7. Without even googling that, I know exactly what you mean! I've completely avoided RGB, it does look cool when it's done well but I'd rather look at my screen. Thanks both of you for the explanation, really helped me to understand it.
  8. @Bartholomew, @TofuHaroto, thanks very much, I really appreciate the help! I couldn't find any info at all on what the connector was for. So is that a standard thing then? How come Corsair don't support it at all?
  9. I'm looking at building a system and I've chosen the MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk WIFI as a motherboard. I've put it together in pcpartpicker.com and it's flagged up a compatibility issue with the board and the PSU: I've had a look at the manual (https://download.msi.com/archive/mnu_exe/mb/E7C84v1.1.pdf) and it looks to be the CPU_PWR2 connector. I've looked up the power supply and there's no mention of a 4 pin connector. No problem, I figure I'll just choose another. But I've been through the whole Corsair website and I can't see anything PSUs that have the 4 pin connector. Have I missed something here? This is my first build so I'm not that knowledgeable, but if it's a non-standard connection then it seems weird that MSI would use it, and if it is a standard connection then it seems weird that Corsair wouldn't have it on any of their products. I'm open to other suggestions on PSU, but if possible I would like to stick with Corsair as I trust them.
  10. Yeah, I really like it but actually in the last couple of days I've settled on the R6. Did a bit of research and it seems to be better for both noise and airflow, and it's also a little smaller - the R7 is definitely at the top end of "mid-tower"! Thanks for the suggestion
  11. Unfortunately I need it sooner than the published release dates for Zen 3 and Ampere, and to be honest I'd worry that if I wait, they'll just be mega expensive and I'll end up going with this stuff anyway. I need a decent set up for some work I'm doing, so can't really afford to wait. Funny enough, after posting here and one other forum, and doing a bit of research, I've already changed the RAM and case fans to the ones you've chosen. Sill debating the 2060 Super vs 2070 Super, but I'm leaning towards the 2070. The Fractal case is my B option, if I can find something with a drive bay that looks like it actually has decent airflow and doesn't look like it was designed to suit a child that has been watching Transformers too much, then that's already my main choice for a 0 drive bay case. Thanks for you're input, it's definitely reassured me with some of my choices! And thanks for taking the time to post
  12. Yeah, if it's in the manual then it's hard to disagree. Thanks for the info!
  13. That makes sense for the PSU, I wasn't sure if I'd missed something else with that. Case looks good and I do appreciate the recommendation, but I'm going to have a look for something with a 5.25" bay for a DVD drive that still has good airflow. It's something I still use semi-regularly.
  14. Thanks very much guys! @Mateimm I assume your choice of case is to do with airflow? As a matter of interest, why did you suggest the change of PSU?