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  1. gigabyte gtx 1650 super, ryzen 5 3600x, 16 gig ram corsair vengance lpx 3200mhz, corsair cv 550, asus rog strix b450-f gaming mobo, 250gb 970 evo plus, 1tb segate hdd
  2. oh okay i see. So the reason why i got this case is that i found it for just 40$ in my country used to be 70$ and the reviews that i had read seemed good about it, and this was just about a month ago, my temps on my cpu is what im worried about (running at about 55-60C in idle and 70-80 while gaming, so i've got quite alot of money saved and decided to go for a quite high end cooler,
  3. Hey so im looking to get a 360mm rad, in my case (Zalman Z7 Neo) i've currently got 6 fans, 3 120's as intake and 1 120 exhaust and 2 140's as exhaust fans, im wondering if i could use the 3 included fans on the rad aswell as the 3 case fans i've currently got, im guessing that this will increase cooling performance but i still want to be sure if i should do this and if its a good thing to do.
  4. alright thanks, ill try that tmr
  5. Hey, im trying to install an m.2 ssd but i've seen a few yt vids that u have to download a whole new copy which i dont want to do. i want to keep all my my files and all of that but still having an ssd only to store my games on, not my windows on. is there anyway i can do this or do i have to download windows on the ssd for it to work? sorry for my english btw not that great.
  6. oh okay, sorry i was asleep. On my motherboard box it says ryzen 3000 ready, if i go to the bios or cpu-z it says my latest bios were released 11th of july (2019) and i go to msi's website and it says a new bios were released 14th of august (2019). They never mention anything about new cpu compatibilty so does that mean i am good to go?
  7. Okay, i've been thinking of going to intel the i5 9600kf and also the msi mag b365m mortar mobo, so i should be good to go with that then? Thanks for the help!
  8. it is 80 plus bronze i believe
  9. hey i would like to know if a 450w unit is enough for my pc and if i can upgrade my 65w tdp cpu to a 95w tdp cpu, specs R3 3200g Stock cooler Gtx 1650 super oc msi a320m a pro max 1TB HDD (dunno rpm) 2 120mm fans currently at 900rpm
  10. I've thought about getting a better mobo but yeah im on a budget and i've got a case that only supports mATX and mITX, but thanks for the help
  11. Hey so im buying a new motherboard as well as a new cpu, on the box itself it says ''AMD Ryzen 3000 Ready'' does that mean that i wont need to do a bios update to support the cpu that im buying? Mobo : Gigabyte B450M DS3H CPU : Ryzen 5 3600
  12. could probably do that yeah, thanks for the idea. and the memory is correct yeah!