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  • CPU
    R5 3600 @ CCX0 4.225GHz & CCX1 4.25GHz
    Infinity fabric @ 1867MHz
  • Motherboard
    MSI B550-A Pro
  • RAM
    2 x 8GB Corsair LPX CMK16GX4M2B3200C16
    XMP: 3200MHz CL16
    OC to 3733MHz 16-18-14-36-70 1T tRFC:318
  • GPU
    Galax RTX 2060 1-click OC (TU104 and BIOS Mod with KO Ultra vBIOS)
    PowerColor HD 7950 @ 1055MHz max
  • Case
    Corsair Obsidian 550D (stricly no RGB)
    - 2.5" + 3.5" HotSwap HDD bay
  • Storage
    Main: MX500 250GB
    Secondary: 2 x ST1000DM003 1TB taken from a broken server
    Ubuntu boot: Samsung Apple TS064C 64GB taken from a broken MacBook Air with an adapter
    NVMe Temp Storage: Samsung Apple SM0512F taken from a broken MacBook Pro with an adapter
  • PSU
    Super Flower Leadtek III 80+ Gold 650W Fully Modular
  • Display(s)
    HP ZR2240w 1080p OC 66Hz for 50 SGD
  • Cooling
    SnowMan CoolerMan M-X6
  • Keyboard
    Tecware Phantom L with Outemu LP Brown
  • Mouse
    Logitech G100s found in e-waste bin
  • Sound
    Bass Modded HD 439
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 2004
    Ubuntu 20.04
  • Laptop
    ThinkPad T470s i5-7300u 16GB from office
    Sony Vaio Pro i7-4500u 4GB found in e-waste bin
  • Phone
    ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M1 ZB602KL

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  1. Have anyone tried flashing P106 with an MXM laptop GTX 1060 VBIOS? I cannot really test it since I cannot get P106 at reasonable price.
  2. You can see hardware unboxed video for GTX 1660 Super but GTX 1660 Super perform only slightly slower than GTX 1660 Ti for 40 USD less MSRP. Though, I wouldn't get either at MSRP right now since with AMPERE GPU launching now. Gettign a used GTX 1070/ GTX 1070 Ti/ GTX 1080 is probably your best bet since quite a numbe of people with GPU will upgrade to RTX 3080. Plus, even though GTX 1070 is roughly perform as good as GTX 1660 Super, 1070 has higher VRAM which may be useful if you planning to keep it longer. I don't see any reason to get the turing card over the pascal unless you don't want buying used or really want Turing NVENC encoding which the only significat upgrading for 1660S over 1070.
  3. The first thing came up in my mind is RAM issue. Try re-seating the RAM, or test 1 RAM of a time in each slot at a time.
  4. Kinda depends on the game. VRAM usage has gotten up so the best upgrade is probably getting something with 8 GB of VRAM. Just as reference, I have an RTX 2060 and it is a overkill in horsepower department for my 1080p 60Hz monitor, but in ROTS the 6GB of VRAM is just barely enough for very high preset. The only games in which FPS can drop below 60FPS I can think of is Jedi Fallen Order (Kashyyyk Refinery Epic Preset), FS2020 (Duh!!), Shadow of Tomb Raider with RTX and Deliver Us The Moon with RTX but no DLSS. Probably 1070 is a good upgrade and you can probably get it used at a good price since with the RTX 3080 going on sale soon.
  5. Ryzen 5 3600 with a slight overclock. CCX0 to 4.225GHz and CCX1 to 4.25GHz. I include CPU-Z and HWInfo64. On 1.15V Vcore and LLC Mode 3 on MSI B550A-Pro. FClk at 1866MHz and MClk at 3733MHz and tigher timings. Cooler is SnowMan CoolerMan M-X6 with 3 x 92mm fan. Don't know why the single core score pretty low. It is definitely better than PBO+.
  6. I ran the exact spec with an 8 year old 520W PSU for 2 months, and the previous 4 months with RTX 2060 and i7-3770 OC to 4.1GHz and Even paired the PSU with an HD 7950 OC'd to 1100MHz which can consume up to 250W. I would say 600W is a bit overkill for now but it should give more room if you want to upgrade to something more power hungry. Just make sure to get something with decent quality by following the LTT forum PSU Tier list. Edit: As a reference, I ran prime95 + MSI Kombustor which consume abnormally high power (games and even Blender won't consume this much), and my wall meter only see peak power consumtion of 370W.
  7. Thanks. Didn't notice the superflower PSU. Hopefully I can stack the coupon on top of the promo event next week. And the comic sans, yeah, kinda ironic that you mentioen that the thermaltake PSU is tier C.
  8. So, planned to upgrade my old PSU (Seasonic M12II, was given for free along with an old system, don't judge me) to a newer one since I am planning to add a second GPU (HD7950) in addition to RTX 2060 for experimenting with KVM/GPU Passthrough. My CPU is 3600 an is overclocked at 4.225GHz at 1.175V. I live in Singapore After looking through some option, I am a stuck between 2 option. The safer option is Silverstone 750W ET750-HG which is in Tier B. The other one Thermaltake Toughpower 750W. The only problem is I don't know whether it is the Tier C or a Tier A model as the page and thermaltake website does not specify which model it is. The thermaltake one is slightly cheaper though. So, which one I should choose?
  9. I wanted to hold on a bit longer for a sale to upgrade to a better PSU honestly. I haven't encounter any issue honestly.
  10. So, let me first preface. I got this power supply for free from a university mentor I am good with along with a Z77 motehrboard, i5-3450 and a couple of RAM. I have since upgraded to a R5 3600 and RTX 2060. i noticed that even with a slight CPU OC, the power draw from the wall never exceed 380W so I was certain that I won't need to buy a new PSU. I have so far uase this power supply for more than a year with varying combination of hardware. First, I have the i5-3450 with R9 270X PCS+, then I upgraded to i7-3770 (slight OC to 4.1GHz) and RX 480 4GB nitro, upgraded to RTX 2060 on march and finally to 3600 since july. And i have been running F@H on GPU only since march (Though, I underclock my RTX 2060 to 1400MHz for this). So, this PSU has gone through a lot in the last year. Recently, it came to my attention that the Seasonic M12II is not e very favourable PSU. It is in tier D in the PSU tier list with note saying issue with UVP and a couple of from threads such as this and this saying this is an PSU with old design. Now, I feel that the PSU has not cause any throuble in 1 year since I have used it and I am not planning to overclock my system any further (My Snowman M-X6 CPU cooler can only handle 100W and the RTX 2060 I bought is one of the cheapest model with power limit stuck at 160W max, which I don't mind). I innitially only planning to upgrade my PSU once I get a better CPU cooler for higher overclock. However, I do have some concern due to the threads and tier list that I may need to outright change the PSU due to its "cheapness". So, should I ?
  11. Thank you. I wanted stealth or black & orange. My worry is the black coating will wearout very quickly. But I guess, I just need to avoid scratching it.
  12. Unless you have any specific reason to get B550(PCIe Gen 4, more PCIe overall), it is better to get a B450 that guarentees Zen 3 support. Though, there is ROG Strix X570-E that support gen 1.
  13. Title said it all. WAnted to buy soem stuff from the LTT Store and that is my main concern.
  14. Yeah, already bought it by that time. I glad I did. Hopefully this board can last 4 to 5 years. Finally I can sell my 3770.
  15. I live in Singapore and I do find other option. So, between MSI B550-A Pro (240 SGD/173 USD), MSI X470 Gaming Plus (200 SGD), Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra (245 SGD), and ASRock B550 Pro4 (220 SGD), which one you choose?