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  1. Motherboard sry, If you have a faulty motherboard it would have an issue where it crashes when it rereads the boot device or somthing. Is the error screen in windows? or is it a bios error.
  2. Not if he gets a 3090 or 3080... If you watched linuses video on the new 3090 it had power spikes that would probs overtake a 650w psu (Im not an expert tho so if I'm wrong sry about that)
  3. Oh ok than just do what Moonzy said
  4. Bad BOBO? maybe? If it still has a warranty contact ASUS and see if they can help you. Other than that it could be anything...
  5. Go to the dollar store and buy the cheapest earphones with a mic. Plug it in and find some program to max the volume input and scream into it
  7. Northeastern PA (Craigslist is pretty bare) Ebay just has people who want way to much for their crap
  8. I get that but what card do I choose? I can't seem to find anything worth the used price.
  9. That's how much I want to spend on each component (; Its just rough numbers (I use pc part picker and sometimes it chooses the wrong prices for the thing I select)
  10. Im ok with buying used I just can't find anything worth buying used (With buying new you get a warranty) I factor that in to the 'Used' price as a 20$ extra.
  11. Note I will most likely be pairing this with a Ryzen 5 2600 or 3600. I have parted out a PC on Amazon and my max budget is $800US MAX I hope to have it for around 750 though. I want to know what card I should get for 200$ (I want to be able to hit 100fps at competitive/med settings in most games.) I want to hear the communities' input and ideas Thanks Below is rough numbers on what I want to spend. (May vary by 10-15$ more/less) This does not include TAX (I am currently thinking about going with a gtx 1650 super as the 1660/1660super are out of reach) (I am open to AMD cards) cpu 150 gpu 200 psu 60 case 70 fans 20 MOBO 100 RAM 70 SSD 50 HDD 50
  12. The YouTube video is problem just the video I would just worry about the issue in GAMES running on the GPU.
  13. If you can get your hands on ANY other card that can play those games try it and see if the issue goes away. (Otherwise see if you can get a return on the GPU)