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  1. No it is not working....and it is resetting the resolution to default when I save it..... I append it to the existing one
  2. GRUB menu...I'm not sure how do they call it..but I dual boot windows and ubuntu...when I installed a theme for grub menu it is low resolution..I'm sure that I installed 1080p tela grub theme...is there any fix available???
  3. I don't get any problems while booting... First windows asks weather you want to boot into windows or linux and when I choose linux... next linux asks weather you want to boot into linux or windows... so I asked if I can change the setting to boot into ubuntu without asking or something like that..
  4. It is not actually a problem... I have windows 10 and ubuntu 20.04.1 dual boot..I dual boot with the help of EasyBCD software and when I choose ubuntu.. ubuntu's dual boot menu shows up....but I don't want that...is there anything I can do to not to show Ubuntu's boot menu?? and I use 2 seperate physical hardrives for this..
  5. I can only install nvidia-driver-450 and all others just saying the above errors
  6. And if I try to change my graphics card driver..it shows like this
  7. And I just don't want to copy paste the code...I even want to learn..what these code does...
  8. thanks..but the problem is when I copy paste it...it didn't worked