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  1. sob it worked. thank you so much! so I just had to change my ip address? do you know why this might have caused the problem?
  2. yes it seems to be able to reach the gateway but the rest of the requests time out
  3. yes nothing works on edge either. no application can connect to the internet
  4. https://gyazo.com/4d66575ee0d4a0151d66ebfc9f937cc0 my point is that it says that I have internet access but nothing is loading. no applications can connect to the internet
  5. https://gyazo.com/a4abfdf33ee78dfe6d42ce1a287a9025 In my tray it has the ethernet connected icon and when I hover over it says "internet access" This problem happened out of nowhere. I recently rebuilt this computer and the ethernet had been working perfectly fine since until last night. I was setting up port forwarding for another minecraft server (I already had one set up and fully functional with no network problems) and all of a sudden everything stops loading. I'm using an airi network extender from frontier and it's always worked fine. Anything I connect to it works fine except ethernet to my pc. I'm using a wifi adapter with it on my pc and it's working fine. I've tried restarting my router and pc multiple times, reinstalling my lan drivers, and flushing my dns as well as setting my dns to but nothing's working : /
  6. I meant integrating all of my google accounts as different profiles or "users" in the browser.
  7. I have but I also jus think it's avoiding the problem. I've been using chrome for forever and I like it. It's just frustrating b/c it's just so out-of-nowhere. Also it has all of my google accounts that I use.
  8. This sometimes happens every once in a while, and it's usually fixed by ending Chrome in Task Manager and reopening it. I tried everything I saw on google and nothing's worked. Almost everything is saying it's probably on the website's owner's side, but I highly doubt YouTube has privacy errors. What's also frustrating is it doesn't happen with everything. Gmail loads fine, and for extra spunk, Twitter only loads text and no pictures. NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID https://gyazo.com/b5c14994345ed3f56a346e04742c0f83 And I must add, everything is loading quite fine on Microsoft Edge, so I doubt it's my connection? Chrome was working fine until last night so I thought it might just fix itself over night (because it has before) but it hasn't The only thing I've done recently that I can think might have caused this is update my LAN drivers and install Valorant. I tried using a wifi connection and I still have the same issue. I've reset my router like 5 times and I've uninstalled Valorant to see if the anti cheat was the cause. But it also wouldn't make sense if those were the cause because I had been using Chrome since I installed them with no issues until yesterday. Nothing's worked. Please help came here from reddit b/c I've had better luck here
  9. So basically just install the motherboard and ssd and use the USB stick as if it were a new pc, then select the ssd to install windows on, then delete the original OS files from the hard drive?
  10. I know the general gist of actually physically replacing the CPU and mobo and reconnecting the components, but what steps should I take prior? What types of backups or recovery media should I create before hand? Do I have to do that or can I just connect my current hard drive to my new board with no issues? (Besides reactivating Windows) Thanks! (For Windows 10) Also what should I do after the replacement is complete? (Again, software-wise) What should I connect or how should I boot? Do I have to reinstall windows? Do I have to reinstall Windows if I want to run the OS off a new SSD? Do I have to remove windows on the original hard drive? Current: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Y36dk6 (Potential) Upgrades: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/cmvQ4n