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  1. Also I have one more question, my motherboard has an 8 pin and a 4 pin connector where you plug in the cable from the psu to give power to the cpu, do I need to plug in both? Or can I just plug in the 8 pin
  2. Good idea, I'll try turning it on once when I have everything connected. I'm just putting in the PSU now. About what you said with it feeling flimsy, is it normal for the pins to only go into the connector about halfway though?
  3. thats why im confused, when I put pressure on it, it goes nowhere. It fits in like halfway then stops, does it just need a lot of force?
  4. Today I started my first pc build, I have the corsair spec delta rgb case and gigabyte z490 aorus ultra. The spec delta came with 3 fans and I can't find a header that the rgb connector will plug into. I've tried the ones labeled LED_C1 and LED_C2 and it wouldn't go in either of them. Any advice would be great, thanks! P.S the pictures below are the cable that comes off the 3 way rgb splitter that came connected to the fans, and the connectors on my motherboard