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  1. Budget (including currency): 1,20,000 Indian Rupees Country: India Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Hello there I hope You are doing well. Please give me awesome Custom Rig specs for Blender & Adobe creative cloud usage. Thank you.
  2. LGA 775 socket motherboard support all LGA 775 Processors. Yes Q9650 will support your mobo
  3. Facing some minor lag in small task like opening new windows, opening new tab in browser, switching between multi task
  4. there is only 800mhz & 1066mhz option. my cpu support only 1066mhz
  5. I have Asus P5G41C M LX motherboard with FSB 1066mhz. I installed 1333mah Ram I am just curious about know if we can overclock motherboards bus speed.
  6. Hi I am looking for AHCI option in my Asus Motherboard Bios but could not found . I recently installed ssd and its running on IDE settings
  7. fluctuate when click task manager and other programs then goes off
  8. Processor : intel core 2 duo e7500 @ 2.94ghz GPU : Nvidia GeForce GT 710 2GB Motherboard : Asus P5G41C M LX Ram : 8GB DDR3 SSD : 250GB HDD : 500GB
  9. Windows 10 Pro : I am facing this 100% CPU usage in small tasks please tell me if there any solution. please find attachment below for reference
  10. Hi Guys please suggest me some games that can run smooth on core 2 duo E7500 , GT 710 2GB DDR3, 8GB Ram. I Played : Darksiders, Sniper Ghoset Warrior, Bionic Commando, Counter Strike Condition zero tell me some more Thank you