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  1. I forgot to mention, of course Windows reinstalls were done. Now, what you say about poor permormance of this CPU is true, but my friend, we are talking 2k14 and gta v... potato can run those. As for software, every software is reporting exactly same things. Litetally every. Tried like 7. And why are you mentioning overclocks? It is not overclocked and this board would definately not take any .
  2. Hello there, So, recently i've been having this weird and extremely annoying problem. In light tasks my PC is great, but as soon as I power on any game of any decent graphic, am not playing latest titles, just some NBA 2K14, yes, 14, and GTA 5 with ocasional Tropico 6 as well. But my game is having FPS drops of huge amount for about 10 seconds every minute or so. Now i understand that is due to CPU overheating but my temperature apps are showing maxes of 255. I am a technical person myself and i know 255 is some weird showing of temp using max bit number, so obviously sensors are bad. But bad sensors aren't that uncommon, but the other piece of data software like HWinfo is telling me is that my 95 TDP FX 6300 is at max getting 50W while being utilized 100% even in game like 2k14 where my 8gb ram and r9 270x is getting used less than 50. Now, here are things that are narrowed down. I had decent power supply that was 2 years old, it was not of some brand but it was rated good, but i still switched to gold rated Cooler Master 500W. Everyone told me that perhaps it is trully cooling issue and i bought a case with hugely imroved space and airflow and installed many additional fans. Some said it might be CPU itself, but this 6300 is actually a CPU i bought not long ago second hand and i had this same issue on my old Phenom II X4 945. By my understanding, the only remaining component that could cause this is my 10 years old MSI 760GM-P21 motherboard, although physically looking ok, it might somehow not deliver CPU with enough power and thus overheating it? Is that possible? Nowhere on internet i found specifically this question. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all, so I have this weird problem now. Recently I bought second hand FX 6300 to replace my old Phenom II X4 945 but I more less had same problem with it as well. When playing some game or using a heavy software such as some big Photoshop psds and such, my CPU spikes to 255 degrees temperatures causing it for example in games to loose up to 40 FPS for about 15 seconds even though it is not even at 60% load. Now obviously I know that the read is faulty, that temperature would fry it and at very least shut it down, and I monitored it and it seems to go to that temp when it hits 73 actually. But my problem is that FPS drop in games for 15 seconds, it happens every minute and it makes it unplayable. What could be causing such behaviour when it is not even on heavy load? Some said it might be faulty motherboard or PSU. Now my PSU did start to behave weird as soon as it's warranty expired 4 months ago, when I power up the PC it makes loud tractor noise until my Windows reaches log in screen, then it immidiately stops. Also, my Windows every other time powers up with some different error after doing "diagnosing.." or "analisyng..." and I just click "continue to windows" and it boots, it has been doing that for months too and I reinstalled Windows 10 3 times since then. So ultimately after reading these 3 errors could there be some connection between them? And what device is at fault most likely? I will leave my comfiguration below and am begging for answers. CPU - FX 6300 non OC RAM - 2x4 GB DDR3 GPU - R9 270X MB - MSI 760GM-P21 PSU - Raidmax RX500-XT Thanks in advance for answers.