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  1. Ended up with the TXM, got it today and set it up and all seems good also I think my PC can handle OCs better now? Maybe the voltage from the last PSU was scuffed idek either way happy thank you boys
  2. https://www.scan.co.uk/products/550w-be-quiet!-straight-power-11-full-modular-80plus-gold-sli-crossfire-quad-rail-458a-135mm-fan-atx this right?
  3. Ok well this is a pain lol they don't have delivery or any in stock nearby for collect so I'm gonna go with this instead maybe? https://www.cclonline.com/product/228830/CP-9020132-UK/Power-Supplies/Corsair-TX-M-Series-TX650M-650W-Power-Supply-Unit-80-Plus-Gold-Certified-/PSU1418/ The one @TheDailyProcrastinator said was the best of the bunch unless you guys recommend this or something else; again there seems to be a problem with delivery on the others as well after I just checked (looking at cheapest first) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07JHLD38L?tag=pcp0f-21&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1
  4. Fair enough thanks for the info ty will buy the first one
  5. Thanks, and this will be good with possible future upgrade RTX 2080TI intel or amd upgrade (like i9 maybe idk rn) 16gb ddr4 or ddr5 couple ssds and 1 hdd and basic case fans etc or would U recommend 650w etc like say to possibly save money in a year or two time when I make similar or somewhat near those upgrades
  6. Hey, So recently my PSU seems to be dying (had some previously threads I made about it and done a ton of tests) and buying a new one seems to be the way to go as my current one is a CX 600 green label (terrible I know) and my current specs are: GTX 1080 MSI gaming x plus i5 8600k (overclocked to like 4.6 when my pc wasnt going crazy) 16gb ddr4 3200mhz dual stick z370m pro4 mtb 1tb hdd 1tb ssd 250gb ssd with a shitty atx corsair spec alpha case (next time going with a more simple look lol) and in the future I might upgrade to a 2080ti, and new processor idk which one yet Anyway I think a 700w PSU might be overkill in a way as im probably only using like 300-400 watts right now and graphics cards becoming more efficient etc here are the ones im thinking of: (i know this are quiet varied but right now its a bit hard as some are in stock and some arent these ones are however) bequiet system power 9 700w 80 bronze https://www.cclonline.com/product/252031/BN248/Power-Supplies/be-quiet-System-Power-9-700W-Power-Supply-80-Plus-Bronze/PSU1555/ txm corsair 650w https://www.cclonline.com/product/228830/CP-9020132-UK/Power-Supplies/Corsair-TX-M-Series-TX650M-650W-Power-Supply-Unit-80-Plus-Gold-Certified-/PSU1418/ https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cooler-Master-700W-Power-Supply/dp/B07RWJMQW9/ https://www.alza.co.uk/silverstone-essential-gold-et650-hg-650w-d5249937.htm any others would be appreciated or just suggestions I currently dont have modular and would like to get modular if possible but not overly bothered as price is a bit more of a concern and maybe multi-rail sorry this is a bit scrambled lol (uk btw)
  7. thank you for all the suggestions and patience I'm going to look at the PSU megathread and reviews and purchase one anyway and if it turns out this wasnt the problem i might be back lol to try and troubleshoot other parts, but a new psu is a good purchase anyway it seems even if it isnt the problem thx thx thx
  8. Nope, still crashes this time the crash was like 30minutes into PC being on while I was idle after just typing a lot into discord. GPU was at 50% power limit on Msi after burner im probably gonna buy a new powersupply anyway as this one is old so if u have any other suggestions ill try them and if not hope new psu fixes it
  9. Okay I lowered GPU power limit in msi after burner but to lower CPU and RAM power usage do I just decrease the voltage? because they were already running at stock and I was still getting crashes , also this crash shit started happening out of the blue although prior I had crashes when I was learning to overclock but thats all and I fixed those by adding more voltage
  10. Alright I took the CMOS battery out and gave it a while and put it back in was then greeted with bios setup having to enter date and time. I used a game benchmark as my first stress test, this was Hitman 2 cpu usage was at 99-100% majority of time with a couple dips to 96% usage (rivertuner) and then as soon as the benchmark finished its first loop (i put it on endless mode) and showed results it crashed now im guessing the cpu usage went down as the benchmark was over so the crash it tied to that im gonna run some more such as PRIME, CINEBENCH and HAVEN at this point in time my PC is running at stock settings both GPU , CPU and ram
  11. Alright about an hour and no memtest errors, im gonna go ahead and try stress the card and then if not do the cmos thing? and maybe go and run memtest again if u think 1 hour was no enough
  12. Ran memtest for 40 mins now and no errors also my pc has not cut out during the test which is good going to keep going for a bit longer
  13. The PSU is Corsair CX600 , I've ddu fresh install of GPU drivers I will now run memtest86 and after that do CMOS thank you for suggestions sorry I am a bit dumb lol
  14. Alright so originally I thought it was the CPU, as I had previously overclocked it (check my other thread if u need more info) but after updating BIOS and setting everything to default I am still getting this dumb crash and now i realise its not just idle. What happens: I will be either watching youtube/playing a game and then after around 30-40 minutes sometimes longer sometimes little bit less time my PC will freeze up hang andfor a brief period the sound will continue if for example i was watching a youtube video. as well as the the image on screen still stay however it is frozen still and after leaving it for 15 minutes before nothing changed it was still stuck and frozen. I originally thought it was CPU or GPU because I had some problems overclocking in the past, but also had a very long time where the overclock was fine (like several months) and then this problem started happening recently despite me not changing anything on CPU / GPU side. The PSU itself is like 6/5/7 (idk) exactly years old so it's probably that to be honest Here are my PC specs: cpu: i5 8600k ram: 16gb ddr4 2133 (as not overclocked anymore / 3200 when) asrock z370m pro4 cpu (updated bios to see if that was problem still got problem) gpu: gtx 1080 msi (not artificating etc good temps 60ish when playing game) also got good ish temps when gaming cpu wise like 50-70 degrees (70 when overclocked ) motherboard temps seem fine although i cant see VRM but that might be the motherboard itself im unsure either way on HWINFO64 the motherboard temp stays like 40-50 degrees idk if that is good or bad
  15. Update: My bios has 'optimized easy overclock' preset options like 4.6ghz etc, I clicked these then clicked disable and it seems like it went back to default stock ish CPU settings. I set LLC to 1 (as suggested) Well also tried LLC on auto and im still getting crashes, but also now Im getting them in game sometimes as well although possibly the game could be considered idle at some parts idk inside a-tuning app and hwinfo (current, minimum maxium average) (just opened but averages explained below) not sure which one is VRM or maybe my motherboard doesnt have access to seeing it idk as far as temperatures go the CPU reaches like 60cish and then peaked at like 80c when it was previously overclocked and motherboard itself was reaching 50C i believe im gonna keep chekcing these to double check but im pretty sure these is around average