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  1. No it not doing nothing today morning I just reseated the cpu and applied a new coat of thermal paste and rechecked all the connections but when I turn on the main power switch (which is on the wall socket to which the power supply cord is connected) nothing shows up no signs of life.even before applying thermal paste the motherboard light used to be lit when the main switch is turned on.plzz tell me what should I do????
  2. Sorry gloop I am new to this forum so didn't know about this
  3. Can anyone plzz help me. Is there no one who cannot help me with this then what's the point of this forum?????.guys plzzz help it's urgent
  4. Guys I don't think I applied heavy pressure on the cpu. I tried everything thing like removing the ram but the system is not even getting power nor the motherboard is posting without ram. Cam you guys figure out what could go wrong?????
  5. No I didn't pull out the cpu.and I just added a pea size of thermal paste as said by many enthusiasts.and also I tried removing the ram and booting up but no signs of life.and I also the green light on the motherboard is also not turning on.guys is my motherboard dead?????
  6. No it's really cheap power supply it doesn't have any switches on it I tried everything but still it's not turning on
  7. I just today on 16/7/2020 applied thermal paste on my cpu I kept the computer on ground and sat in the floor to apply the thermal compound but after doing all the usual checking and placing the cooler tight the pc is not turning on still(no signs of life). nothing is turning on even the light on my motherboard is not turning on. My pc specs:- 1.)Intel e1260 dual core processor @1.8ghz 2.) 2gb DDR2 800mhz single channel ram 800mhz 3.) gigabyte ga-945-gcm-s2l motherboard 4.)500gb ide drive Plzzz help I am a student and I want my computer back urgently for study purpose. Thanks in advance Edit:- I have still not pulled out the cpu and the ide connector and the 24pin because the ide connector and the 24pin power connectors are really tight.so should I try to remove them??????