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  1. nevermind my integrated will work
  2. i do have another but it wont fit
  3. ohh and will the dell network card fit in my asus tuf x570 gaming motherboard its one of those m.2 type i might have another netowrk card
  4. so i have 3 network cards the one in my motherboard which is an intel wirless ac 9260 wifi 5 an anatel ar5bdt92 and a qualacom atheros qcnfa335 and i need network on my amd ryzen 7 hackintosh 3rd gen will any of these work if so how do i get the drivers
  5. I Linused my 2011 iMac i got it at a pawn shop for 15 dollars just a dead hdd after my macbook pro 2012 died and droped it at mky front door shadering the glass screen can someone help me find a decent replacement for around 15 to 30 dollars US it still works but the glass cover and case are busted lcd is fine