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  1. And this is how the original looks,I'm using it rn because the PC is getting worse and worse with each day,now it takes forever to load and even when I cleaned it up with compressed air.
  2. The problem is that I'm using another GPU and is working with the same monitor and cable,but I can get another monitor and cable.
  3. Well, this happened a while ago while I was trying to build my "new" PC, my motherboard arrived and I was pretty much excited to build my PC, I disarm my old PC and grab the important components, the GPU, the HDD, and the power supply, but I realized that the Motherboard was different as the one I bought on eBay, the eBay motherboard said that he can use Quadcore CPU from the 775 sockets, I have an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 2.5 GHz that I bought as well on eBay and I haven't use it since July of the past year. So I placed the old components on my main PC and everything was working fine but the GPU wasn't working as it used to be (Is a Nvidia GTX 950 SSC 2GBDDR5) , the media time of the pc powering up were few seconds, but now is taking longer than usual and the worst part is that the image isn't clean, they're weird white stripes along the monitor and I can't see pretty well with that. Can I do something about it? I was thinking is a problem with static. the image is not mine,but is a recreation of what I see.