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  1. Yeah, I've tried that -d3d11 trick too. Nothing has worked so far.
  2. I've been having nothing but issues with all things Modern Warfare the past few days. Haven't had that problem, but i'm at the point of giving up. Hope you get it working.
  3. Sounds like you're dealing with what I've been sludging through on CoD MW. Glad yours is working!
  4. Yeah, it started happening a few days ago. Might have to play more ghost recon in the meantime. I just love CoD so much. Its a real shame that the game is so buggy and Activision just doesn't care.
  5. On my desktop, I can sometimes play for about a half hour. Then it will either crash, fail to load textures, give me a dev error etc. Whatever it feels like doing. On the small pc, i've been getting a dev error or random game freeze and crash within about 3 minutes of a multiplayer game launching. I should note, the game is broken in multiplayer and warzone. Haven't tried other game modes.
  6. I'm just totally stumped here. I don't understand how it can go from working on both systems to not working on both systems in the very same way within a week. If I had hair, I'd be pulling it out.
  7. I have Afterburner and HWInfo installed, but I turned them off and turned off all overlays too. That was one of the first things I tried, but to no avail. Would even having them installed on the computer have an effect, even if the programs arent running?
  8. Greetings folks, I'm in need of some serious help here. Kind of a long story so I'll try and weave the tale here as best I can.... So i upgraded my desktop system with a custom watercooling loop. All is well there, but my desktop was apart for about a week while I worked on it. When I put it all back together, I started getting crashes in MW. I've gotten Dev errors, DirectX errors, and other various freezes and things like textures not fully rendering. Thinking the most logical answer is that I messed something up hardware-wise, I've checked everything I know how to check. All other programs and games run fine, I've run Heaven benchmark for nearly an hour without issue. On the software side, I've uninstalled and re-installed the game more than once, Nvidia drivers updated, windows updated, etc, on and on. I've watched more YT videos than I'd care to count looking for solutions. Still having these issues. Then.... Just wanting to not think about it and play my current favorite game, I booted the game up on my small console sized PC (NFC Systems S4 mini I'm particularly fond of lol). So, different PC, different install, the works. Same issue. WTH? Its like my battlenet account is corrupted? Any help you fine folks could give me would be greatly appreciated. I'll hop in a game lobby and let you head-shot me if you're working on leveling up camos! What could make me unable to play the game across two different systems? Tech specs below for the systems: Desktop: i7 8700K - Stock clock currently GPU: Asus ROG OC RTX 2080 - 451.67 drivers OS: Windows 10 Pro latest updates Memory: 32GB DDR4 Corsair 3000mhz Motherboard: Asus ROG Maximus Hero XI Storage: Samsung 970 Evo 500GB Boot drive and MW download is on a Samsung 500GB Sata SSD Console PC: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: Zotac Mini RTX 2070 Super OS: Windows 10 Pro Memory: 32GB GSkilz 3600Mhz - running at 3200 MHZ due to current mobo support Motherboard: Asrock B450 Fatal1ty ITX/AC Storage: 250GB M.2 Boot drive and MW download is on a WD Black external HDD