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  1. Because it is not made by Dell who want their cut of money
  2. GPU. I have tried both DVI and HDMI but non worked
  3. So long as people have a look at benchmarks, they know what to expect. Architecture is not going to make a difference if it gives the same performance as expected
  4. The GT730 needs no PCI power connectors, rather takes all of it's power from the slots
  5. Hi, jost got a genuine STM32F104 today, and I am using a fake ST-link V2, and am using the 009 driver, not no COM port is showing in the Arduino IDE. I am going to return the bluepills and try to live with the blackpill for the time being until I source a replacement
  6. 2012 - Got Pentium PC 2015 - AMD A8 PC 2017 - Got an extra Core i3 PC (£40) 2020 - AMD Athlon 3000g PC + AMD R1400 PC
  7. Does anyone know where I can buy bluepill board with a genuine CPU. I don't mind paying a bit extra, and want to use the USB-B instead of USB-c so blackpill is not an option. People are saying it is hard to buy genuine boards since the fakes have been released, I kinda feel sorry for STmicroelectronics
  8. Hi, I got a CKS32 instead of an STM32, in the bluepill board. Will this work as normal. I am planning to use Arduino IDE and the ST-link adapter to upload code. Am waiting for ST-link to arrive so not sure if I should return and get a new, or if it will work normally
  9. "Liquid cooling" my iPhone 6s plus (128GB)
  10. Hi, the motherboard does support Gen 3. It is called HP ML580 G7, a high end server I plugged the GPU in but there was no video output from it
  11. Would it be possible to get a GPU working in my server ?
  12. Its 4x 8 core CPU's The server only cost me around £400 as I got a special offer