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  1. I just realized that you read the prices in dollars which is not, its actually $5 cheaper (1dollar = 2.82tnd) but it doesnt really matter, let's consider this as an UP (I hope its permitted). Thanks.
  2. Hello, so I'm getting this pc but I really dont like or trust this PSU; due to the limited options I got in my country, I've rounded up the best choices I found, here they are with their prices in our currency (1euro= 3.23 tnd): seasonic 620w https://pcpartpicker.com/product/nB3RsY/seasonic-power-supply-s12ii620bronze = 239tnd corsair cx550 https://pcpartpicker.com/product/FdRFf7/ = 209tnd corsair cx450m https://pcpartpicker.com/product/FQ648d/corsair-power-supply-cp9020101na = 194tnd I'd appreciate any input/opinion, thanks.