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  1. Kr!S

    R9 280 RIP?

    Ok, thanks for answer. And yeah it served me about 5 years, as I built the PC in 2015. It's a bit sad, cause I'm waiting for rtx3000 but I think I'll leave on iGPU for a couple months as I don't want to buy new gpu now : P Thanks for your answer once again.
  2. Kr!S

    R9 280 RIP?

    Hi! My GPU (R9 280 OC Windforce Gigabyte) was recently crashing a bit. I didn't do anything with it and since yesterday it doesn't want to display anything. When I plug it in, it doesn't even activate the monitor so it's asleep all the time. Fans run normally and pc I think boots normally because I tried unplugging it and running off the iGPU and it worked. GPU when crashed had an artifact of vertical lines. I got it to work a couple times but it still crashes while playing games and it really rarely works. Is there a way to fix it?