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  1. As JJ9987 noted, it would depend on your firm (and your role). You mention working for a finance organization, if you're a trader all of your voice and written messages would absolutely be recorded (it's a regulatory requirement). If you're an investment banker your calls won't be recorded but your written messages (whether email, skype or whatever other service you use) certainly would be. Any other roles, it probably depends, but ever since the financial crisis and the regulatory changes in response to it, I would expect the default for any large finance firm like yours to be 'log everything'.
  2. Thanks, and just getting a new keyboard is certainly the obvious answer to this problem, but I've just never found another keyboard that I liked typing on better than my current one. I know 8BitDo makes a wireless usb adapter that allows you to connect a bluetooth game controller (e.g. Xbox One controller) to a Nintendo Switch and was hoping there was something similar that could work for a keyboard instead. Or similar to one of those bluetooth adapters that lets you use your wireless bluetooth headphones with a regular 1/8 audio port for airplanes and such (but with USB instead).
  3. I'm pretty sure the answer is no, but is anyone aware of a bluetooth dongle that allows you to pair a keyboard specifically to the dongle (rather than the computer the dongle is plugged in to)? Basically, I have a bluetooth-only keyboard that while a relatively cheap membrane keyboard, I personally find very comfortable for long-term typing. It only pairs with one device at a time however and I would like to be able to pair it to a specific dongle that I can then plug directly into a docking station I use with multiple laptops, rather than re-pairing to each laptop every time I switch computers1 1. Obviously the sensible thing to do would be to just get a non-bluetooth wireless keyboard like the Logitech G915, but I rather like my current keyboard