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  1. No I mean like the first time we boot them up. Should I like create a backup or something like that?
  2. Sorry that my question is so f-ing vague (no coffee me, haha?). I just edited it to be more clear now. Really sorry
  3. Sorry, I'm just buying an Asus ROG Strix G531 (a laptop and I will have it pre-installed Windows 10) There are many articles telling you should make a snapshot (technically a backup?) when you just turn a laptop on for the first time and clean unnecessary apps, etc. I'm just really confused at this point Edited: Or maybe I'm just believing clickbait info anyway...
  4. Ok so there are many article online tell you what to do when you first turn on your new computer like cleaning unnecessary apps or backing up stuff, etc. Can anyone pls sum up EVERYTHING you should do a fresh computer? (Windows 10 laptop btw)