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  1. i think the RAM is caused but i can't confirmed that it is the cause. is there some method that can test is the ram caused it? except using another RAM cause i dont have any other RAM and if thats not the cause its lost of money to buy a new one. @Aimi
  2. sorry for my bad english. so i just buy pre-built pc(i dont have the skill for built it myself) and the seller is so far away and dont give any support when its come in the problem, because i dont have skill and knowledge for this and try to search for some ways to fix it and try it, and its still dont fix my problem. the specification of the pc is : - Ryzen 3400g (using the integrated graphics card) - Asrock A320m-hdv r4.0 - xstar tiger shark series (i don't know this maybe some chinese product) 2x8gb - 120gb ssd - 500gb hdd - Enlight 400w 80+ bronze(what it mention in the box) so the problem is came out the day after the pc came. i don't know the cause but when im playing some games maybe its assasin creed or some watch dog i got blue screen says "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER" with bug check "0x100000ea". i've done so many things like : 1. reinstalling the OS (external ways and internal ways) 2. updating all my driver 3. delete the graphics driver and re-install it 4, using sfc /scannow (or something like that i dont remember the name) and i still got the same problem. please help me fix this problem. this is the minidump files from the bluescreen 071020-7671-01.dmp thank you for the time.