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  1. Speaking of cases and fans, does this look weird? I had to move my rad to the front because of RAM clearance. The ML120's have the best static pressure out of the fans I have, the SP120 has the best airflow pressure so it's in the open slot on the bottom. So best performance, but the ML's have only 4 LEDs, and the SP has 8. also have two SPs at the top, and an LL at the rear
  2. First PC build ever Ryzen 3600 all core OC @ 4.475 gHz ASrock Challenger RX5500 XT 4GB OC Corsair H100i AIO 16GB GSkill Ripjaw 1TB NVMe SSD ASUS Tuff gaming x570 MoBo 6 corsair RGB fans (3 intake 3 exhaust) EVGA 600w 80+ Bronze PSU Logitech Keyboard, mouse, and headset. LG 1080p 22" 75hz monitor Went OP on the MoBo/PSU/AIO because I wanted a cheap setup for now but be prepared for an easy upgrade when the new GPUs and CPUs come out
  3. Yeah i have the same thing happen on my build. But I just put my PC in sleep most of the time instead of power off