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  1. Out of everybody, they have to strike a deal with Facebook . The new Oneplus 8T will not going to have facebook preinstalled. Now OnePlus wants to be another Samsung
  2. I have never heard about this thermal paste and how good it is. I recommend arctic mx4 or noctua nt h1.
  3. When you pull the lever down, do you hear a click sound?
  4. I am 21 with beard and mustache and my mom says i look like 35 or 40 man
  5. try to run blender benchmark or cinebench. If temp is under 85c then i wouldn't worry about it, but if you are that worry you can try to rma. You have 5 years warranty on Corsair AIO.
  6. pc specs? Did you try ram xmp?
  7. You can try to shake the rad gently to release some of that bubble inside.Is your temp good?
  8. Why you want to reinstall bios?
  9. I will not recommend go with Tier C for gaming pc. Tier A if you have the cash, and Tier B if you are budget. Don't cheap out power supply or you will regret it later on.
  10. Press the date itself open up calendar and here is the general settings pic. Google feed or discover general settings
  11. This is what it is look like on home screen Long press on 81f number bring this up