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  1. i7 7700k 1080ti Example: Im playing Destiny 2 and watching a Twitch stream using Firefox (also Chrome) - this will kill my performance in D2 on the latest nvidia driver. On original driver, no issues.
  2. Gave it a try - unfortunately doesn't seem like it made any difference. Its a bizarre issue.
  3. Just to be sure I understand - the unisntaller from device manager to remove the nvidia 1080ti drivers. Then just reinstall them?
  4. I did do this, but it unfortunately the makes games like MHW and using Shadowplay not function.
  5. This is a bit of a weird one but I'm curious if anyone has encountered the same thing / found a solution. Specs: i7 7700k ,1080ti, 16gb ram 1440p 144hz monitor as main monitor, 4k 60hz monitor secondary What happened: Up until a month or so ago, I had never updated my nvidia drivers. No game had caused any issues and since I had no reason to fix something that wasn't broken I never bothered. However, I recently started playing monster hunter world, and the game prompted me to update. I did face some pretty serious graphical issues, so I updated my nvidia drivers and that solved it. Great. However, ever since then in all games I play I have been having serious performance issues IF I started watching video content on my second monitor. To make sure I wasn't going crazy, I rolled back my nvidia driver and sure enough those performance issues disappeared - however I am now unable to play MHW and also have lost access to nvidia shadowplay (havent been able to roll back geforce experience). I'm a bit of a predicament where I often like to watch twitch streams/youtube while grinding out activities in games, but my perfomance is awful with the updated nvidia drivers - however I cant play some games unless I update them. Has anyone experienced anything like this or come up with a solution? I have checked online and have read many suggestions (setting refresh rate of monitors to the same, resolution to the same etc) but none of this has made any difference. The only surefire way I can get the performance back for dual screen is to roll back the nvidia driver. Thanks!
  6. Hi everyone, New poster but I have a few questions and am looking for advice/opinions on which direction I should go. My current setup is actually still quite good, but a friend of mine is looking to get a usable gaming PC (and is on a budget). I am considering selling most of my current system (everything minus the GPU) and then buying some upgraded gear myself. My current specs are: i7 7700k, ASUS z20a mobo, 1080ti, 16gb ram I am a programmer who works from my home PC more now than I used to, but I primarily game on this PC (mostly FPSs). I play on a 1440p monitor and tend to favor playing on higher graphics settings as long as I can keep the framerate around 100. With my current setup, I have noticed that playing a stream/youtube/video on a second monitor (or having a bunch of browser tabs open) can max out my CPU usage and I will start to get some low frame rates/lower quality gaming. My question is: is it worth upgrading (would I see significant multitasking performance increases)? What should I go with? AMD or Intel and which chip/mobo should I get? I have done some research and know that AMD does handle multitasking much better than Intel these days but is not quite as good in single core processing (gaming) - my coworkers PC can compile code much faster than mine and hes running an older AMD chip so theres certainly some value there, but I'd also want to make sure I wouldn't be almost downgrading my gaming experience. Budget is not a huge concern. I have been looking at the 3700x, 3900x, 10900k, 10700k, 32GB ram and if I go the AMD route getting a x570 board. I am also aware that there are new AMD chips coming out this year. Is that worth waiting for? My friend is quite anxious to get gaming, and I admit I'd probably wait for sure if I wasn't trying to get them started sooner - but even if I did wait for the next gen AMD chips, is that (speculatively) the correct choice? Thanks!