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  1. I find it amusing how my criticism of your action on my first post was magically deleted. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. AngeI


      Well in my case I did enter it properly, and I know that because someone posted a reply to me afterwards which led me to reload the page... and my response to our moderator here was available. 
      It doesn't really matter to me, personally. I just believe it's important to speak out when something is muffled for the sake of preserving someone else's improper ''correctness''. Or else there is no actual freedom for discussion, just approved items on a select plate.  

    3. AngeI


      Well I'm off of here... that was all unpleasant enough. I still love the forum, I know LTT is highly specialized and have passionate viewers. 

    4. dizmo


      This isn't a publicly owned forum, thus does not conform to freedom of speech.

      This is a dictatorship.

  2. Oh... I see. I will try to do the latter. Thank you very much, I will let you know if it works.
  3. Hello, I have purchased an iPhone 11 and it is currently running iOS 13.5.1. I am having an issue to which I have not found a solution after searching the web for it... Quite simply; I cannot use drawing tools on the native Notes App. The options do come up followed by the tools... BUT, I select a brush and try to use it and... nothing! The Notes app does however enable the ''undo'' function as though something has been drawn in the note, though NOTHING shows up. I have already restarted the device, tried different notes and folders... nothing works. I know this is not an Apple forum, but.. this section is about software, and quite honestly I trust the knowledge of the people herein more than anywhere else, so... Please help me out if you are able to do so... Thank you in advance.