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  1. Looking at my drives, it seems to me as if windows IS indeed installed on my new ssd (the windows symbol near local disk (C:) as well as it being filled up when it was empty prior to the clone. Would I have to delete all of the files off of my previous sshd for it to boot properly? Perhaps that's whats causing the issue
  2. If I chose to reset the pc, would it give me a choice as to which drive windows would reinstall onto?
  3. Yesterday I used EaseUS to create a copy of my windows installation from my 2tb sshd to my 1tb ssd. After my copy was made, I followed instructions and disconnected my sshd, then went into my bios and set my ssd as my boot drive. For some reason, this shows up everytime I start up my computer though: Anybody know if I’ve done anything wrong/forgotten to do something?
  4. even going to control panel to uninstall it, it just opens up discord and does nothing.
  5. another question for anybody that might be able to help - when discord used to give access to games along with nitro, I downloaded games like metro, along with warframe. Now that their game service is gone, my library tab has disappeared, and whenever i go to settings -> apps and features to try to uninstall them, it opens up a windows command processor, opens up discord, and does absolutely nothing. They're taking up about 52gb of space, so does anybody know how to delete them manually?
  6. guess that's a no haha. This might (and probably will) sound stupid, but is there any way for me to just migrate windows onto the ssd without moving any files from the sshd onto the ssd? I want to use the ssd solely for games and important programs, and keep everything else on my sshd.
  7. Is it even possible to make a copy of my old drive (about 1.6tb full) onto my 1tb ssd? Want to avoid any issues with partitioning.
  8. so all programs would have to be fully reinstalled? Would I lose any progress made in games? Wish there was a simpler way to do this
  9. So I recently bought a new 1tb ssd after my 2tb sshd started filling up. I want to set my boot drive to my ssd to make my computer boot up faster, but am a bit confused on how to do so. Most places that I look to for help say to migrate my windows installation to my ssd, while some say my ssd has to have the same amount of storage as my sshd. Can anyone provide me with something simple and not too confusing on how to have my pc boot up from my ssd? I'm using an msi z97 gaming 5.