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  1. thank you sseehra I will be looking into that firdt thing in the morning. As for the drive its wd product
  2. before i put in the m.2 i had 2 ssd.s and a single hdd everything worked fine up until the install but here is specs i7 9700k asus 2080 super msi z390 gaming edge ac 120g ssd (boot drive) 500g ssd (non working drive) 1t hdd 1T hdd m.2 theramltake 240 aio thermaltake toughpower 750 watt psu and ive swapped ports and cords turned off ports as well but nothing thanks yall
  3. Recently i installed a new nvme m.2 drive, upon starting my computer up one of my ssd's no longer reads. I havent had a problem with it before. i have looked over numerous help articles but have not seemed to find a viable solution. I have checked cables, both power and data, swapped new ones but it just doesnt read, nor show up in bios. Anyone know a cause or cure, perhaps both? Thanks in advance.