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  1. Hey, I am trying to build my brother a cheap gaming pc. We have sunk more money into the PC than it is worth and bought a RX 580 4gb to put in. The old motherboard fried so we bought an OEM motherboard off ebay and are having trouble putting the PC together as the front panel connectors seem to be non-standard. I honestly cannot tell which group of pins are the front panel connectors as they look nothing like the ones I see online. Here is an image of the motherboard we have from the ebay listing we bought it off. If you google MS-7860 the motherboard pops up and apparently it is out of a HP prodesk 400 g1 https://imgur.com/a/z5uG8cO Can someone please help us identify where the front panel connectors are and how to plug them in since they are non-standard. Thanks so much for all your help!