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  1. Hello I am building my first PC and right at the start I have problems when putting my processor ( i7 6950x extreme edition) into my mother board ( Asus rampage v 10 edition). I put the processor with the triangle design matching the triangle design on the mobo, but when I want to close the socket, the little metal bars are really though to pull down and I am scared of breaking something. I am have the same processor and mobo as the guy on this video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_k796yRjTk&list=PLFKzzXSLzVjjZVQ3gDzlxLzdzueV7tW6i&index=3&t=68s I know the guy on the video just put the thing like nothing I find my mobo's socket really hard to close. Any ideas? Thanks you very much for your time.