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  1. Yes it's still on E: but I never boot from it.. I may have booted from it once as a troubleshooting step in the past. Reading about the dual boot fast boot issue has led me to believe perhaps that was the cause of the corruption.
  2. Hi guys, Currently running Windows 10 on an nVME as my boot drive, but I use my old Windows 7 larger drive just for storage of old files/media/large games/etc. I tried to watch some movies I had on that old drive and they wouldn't play. I realized they had all turned to 0kb! I did a search on everything and found many more (but not) all files also changed to 0kb. First thing I did was run a chkdsk , below are the results. Nothing really all that special and it didn't generate a FOUND folder. I read something about fastboot causing file system corruption... is this something I disable in Win10 or through bios, or both? Also is there any possibility of recovering my files? Thanks.. chkdsk log below
  3. Wow insane the price of that mobo has doubled since COVID !!! Thanks for the list buddy. Much appreciated.
  4. Budget (including currency): 500CAD Country: Canada Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: CS:GO /Valorant Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Hi guys. Friend is asking me to build him a $500 PC. He doesnt have any peripherals but will likely just use a tv as a monitor so forget that. Haven’t built a Pc in 8 years. Thanks guys!
  5. As much as I hate to admit this guy is right. I'm starting to think he's right I installed the new PSU. Beautiful Antec 650W unit. Really glad I purchased it. And I installed my nVME onto the PCI 2.0 slot so it wouldn't steal lanes from my GPU. No change! Really open to any other ideas people have at this point!
  6. I have to respectfully disagree! You should reply to my thread if you’ve got a reason to believe it’s not my PSU. The 4770k is still very capable. I’m talking about an 8 year old game on an 8 year old CPU here. One that is overclocked and cooled well. Why would I have better performance with an older GPU? I think the jury’s still out on my thread. I’m continuing to troubleshoot!! I’m stubborn lol. and I have ordered the PSU weeks ago. Waiting for shipment.
  7. Thanks for the help so far guys. I wanted to just add an additional questions: The fact that my graphics card is running at PCI-E 3.0 8x should NOT be an issue correct? As it shares lanes with my nVME card. There's no reason the 5600xt would be saturated? Just don't want to go down that path just to waste time during troubleshooting.
  8. TX750 but it's nearly 9 years old.
  9. I have i7-4770k and you can see in my other thread I'm getting low FPS too. I'm thinking it might be power supply related.
  10. I think your internet and power issue might be related. Look at your bios and windows power options for something referring to "allow this device to turn off/on this computer" under your network adapter. It sounds like it's waiting for a remote signal to power on/off the device.
  11. OG I suppose you could call it. But it was a fresh install on the nVME in December when I purchased it. Never did any goofy registry-level changes or anything. Power options have also been checked by the way to ensure none of the weird hibernating things are enabled that were known to cause issue with previous AMD drivers. I'm open to the idea of reinstalling but it's not really something I like doing to be honest. If the PSU doesn't work maybe I'll go that way next but it feels like hardware.
  12. DDU used multiple times (should have said that instead of 'clean install' in OP). Yes the 750W is plenty of wattage but the unit is 7 years old and makes a concerning noise when the fan is running on it.
  13. Just a shot in the dark but could it be the switch in your case is bad? Or the switch circuit on the mobo? Not sure if it's NO or NC on the motherboard but you could try and short it out and see if it persists.
  14. Hi guys. I've seen some high quality posts on this site which helped with many questions I had about selecting hardware for my build. So I figured I'd post here instead of the other sites. Here's my build : i7-4770k overclocked recently per the guide on here to about 4.4gHz at 1.27V CM Hyper Evo212 Black Edition cooler ASUS Z87-A Motherboard 2 x 8gb Corsair Vengeance LP 1600mhz RAM SAPPHIRE Pulse RX5600XT GPU Samsung 970 PRO EVO nVME boot drive Seagate Constellation 1TB storage drive Corsair TX750W Power Supply This all started when I wanted to upgrade my PC to play Half-Life: Alyx. Haven't upgraded my PC since originally building it around 2013. I started with the nVME drive. I am actually running this drive using a PCIe to NVME adapter on my 2nd PCI-E x16 slot with great performance of nearly 3GBPS transfer speeds. I still had my original Radeon HD7850 when I performed that upgrade. I noticed no performance issues with my regular games around that time (Half life 2, black mesa source, cs:go, etc.) running from the disk drive, HOWEVER; when I purchased a USED MSI Gaming X RX580 card, my system began to have absolutely terrible performance. This was around March 2020 so I attributed it to drivers. I spent days rolling back, doing clean installs with DDU, everything I could try when the PC wasn't being used. Cleaned out dust ( as I usually do every month ). Disabled overclocks. Checked ALL thermals, and all checked out great (everything in system running under 60C under load). Installed games onto the nVME. Deleted all configuration files for all games. Replaced CMOS battery for giggles. I would still get FPS drops down to about 80FPS and in some maps my computer would actually crash to a black screen requiring a hard restart. I was at my wit's end so I returned it and ended up getting a brand new Sapphire RX 5600 XT. The same issues persisted. I am wondering if my power supply is degraded, as when I do OCCT's PSU test I can hear the fan bearing is quite loud. I'm wondering if the load of the newer cards as opposed to the HD7850 (180w vs 150w) is enough to make a difference have degraded performance? But I don't see my 5600XT Downclocking at all ( seeing about 1700mhz under load) and all of my sensors on BIOS show very good voltages all within tolerance of the 12v, 3.3v, 5v ratings. I have a brand new 650W power supply on order right now, but I want to prepare for the worst just in case that doesn't fix my issue. All insight is welcome as I have spent a considerable amount of time on this issue. Looking forward to seeing some ideas float around. Thanks guys.